5 Places To Get Fit In Blackheath And Greenwich

If you’ve missed the boat for this year’s beach body and want to up your game for next year, look no further. Londoners want the best of everything and are already balancing busy careers, family life and socialising. Introducing fitness seems a big ask, but these places make working out flexible, sociable and enjoyable. From relaxing yoga classes to intense boot camps, Blackheath and Greenwich can deliver your fitness results (providing you turn up).

Chrisi White Yoga

This is the perfect opportunity to improve strength, fitness and to escape the busy rush of London life. If the idea of Yoga seems a little intimidating, you need not worry. With 10 years of Yoga experience, Chrisi White offers more dynamic Yoga experiences as well as more relaxing, restorative classes, so no one is left behind. Focusing on breath, body and mind. Not only will you become stronger, but you will become more in tune with your breath, body and mind. You can’t put a price on that, but it helps if you have your first class half price with your South London Club card. And if you like it, you have 10% off all classes thereafter.

Greenwich Training

If you want to jump feet first into the fitness world, this could be what you’re looking for. Greenwich Training offers a flexible yet immersive approach to health and fitness, focusing on every aspect of your health. They believe that health and fitness isn’t about fad-diets and gym memberships, but about an effective, holistic plan that leaves nothing to chance. Expect your exercise routine, nutrition plan and sleep patterns to be transformed. What’s more, with 20% of 1-2-1 training sessions with your South London Club card, you can really get the most out of your fitness potential. Or if you want to toe the water first and enjoy the social aspect of health and fitness, you can get 10% off of small group sessions with your card.

Fitness For Mummies

If there’s anyone who finds it hard to fit in fitness amongst their busy London life, it’s new mums. But with Fitness For Mummies, it is made possible. Founded by Vicky Brown, Fitness for Mummies is dedicated to delivering indoor and outdoor post-natal classes to improve strength, shape and fitness. You can even bring your new baby to the classes and enjoy socialising not only with your new born, but with other new mums in the area. Whether you are power walking with your buggy or taking part in circuit training, these classes will improve your posture, body conditioning and muscle strength. For mums who have progressed from the post-natal stage, there are also Boot Camp and Insanity classes on offer. Thanks to your South London Card, your first class is free, making the baby steps to post-natal fitness that much easier. 

Fit, Fun N Mindful

At Fit, Fun n’ Mindful, they believe that Yoga is as much a pursuit of the mind as it is the body. If talk of circuit training and cardio puts you off, perhaps it is time to take a new approach to fitness. Focusing on meditative rhythms, breathing and flexibility, these sessions will improve your fitness and leave you feeling centred and peaceful. For more peace of mind, your South London Club card can offer 20% off private classes and 10% off group classes. Namaste…

Kat Lee’s Fitness

For those who feel a little too relaxed after their all-inclusive holidays and need an injection of high energy, Kat Lee’s Fitness is your ticket to fast fitness results. The chance to torch calories, increase strength and burn fat is waiting for you on Blackheath Common. Kat offers outdoor fitness boot camps which focus on cardio, drills and resistance to deliver optimum results. Luckily, with 10% off all bookings with your South London Club card, you can burn calories without burning a hole in your wallet.

Fox Fitness

Once you’re ready to take your new love of fitness to the next level, Fox Fitness is waiting for you. Over the last 23 years, Fox Fitness has trained over 7,000 fitness instructors in 9 different programmes. With your South London Club card, you can get 10% off a pre-booked bulk session, where you can learn to teach a wide range of fitness classes such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Mindfulness.


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