6 Places For Dinner And Drinks In Clapham And Battersea

As you probably know, getting dinner and a drink can go one of two ways. You either want a takeaway pizza and a bottle of cheap wine in front of Netflix, or you want to make a night of it and celebrate something special. This list is for the nights you fancy putting your dressing gown back on the hook and donning something a little fancier. Making a bit more effort doesn’t have to involve travelling to central London. With this list, you can gather up your friends with the promise of low transport costs and big promises of tasty food and great drinks, all on your doorstep. Whether you want burgers, pizzas, mezze or Thai, Battersea and Clapham can deliver. Don’t panic; beers, wines and an extensive range of cocktails are also on the menu.

Ben’s Canteen Battersea

If you want an indulgent meal, look no further. Ben’s Canteen offers premium gourmet burgers, with paired wine recommendations. You can load up your burger with extra cheese, bacon or avocado. You know, if you’re trying to be healthy. Throw some loaded fries in the middle of the table alongside your burgers and wine, and you’ve got a great night out. If you’re still not satisfied, their decadent milkshakes (alcohol included) and desserts should catch your eye, particularly their DIY doughnuts. Everyone is catered for at Ben’s Canteen, with gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options all on the menu.  With 20% off dinner with your South London Club card, you can load up on all the starters, mains and desserts your heart (and stomach) desires, without loading up your overdraft.

The Power Station Cafe


The Power Station Cafe is a Mediterranean restaurant and is not to be confused with the actual Power Station. Here you can find traditional Greek dishes with fresh ingredients such as mezze, moussaka, grilled meat, fish and salads.  You should also find some exquisite Greek wines to enjoy with your dinner. With your South London Club card, dining in style is made easy with 20% off dine-ins after 5pm.  

Lost & Co Pub and Kitchen

When you want to try something new and unexpected, Lost & Co will not disappoint. A fun yet unpretentious urban hangout, this Battersea pub and kitchen are taking risks with their food and drink, and they definitely pay off! Their pizzas include the hot, Jerk BBQ Chicken pizza called ‘Cool Runnings’, ‘Death By Cheese’ and the Vegan friendly White bean and truffle base pizza. If pizza isn’t your thing, there are share platters, salads, wings and Nachos.  Their cocktails don’t play it safe either and you can find an eclectic selection of interesting infusions, including the ‘Ed Sheeran Martini’. With your South London Club card, you can take risks with your food, but not your wallet, with 15% off your bill Monday to Thursday.

Ginger Kiss

This is definitely one to add to your South London bucket list! Ginger Kiss offers authentic Thai and Asian dishes as well as creative, artisan cocktails in their downstairs bar. This restaurant refuses any MSG or artificial flavourings and cook everything fresh, as well as catering for gluten free and vegan diners. With your South London Club card, you can get Asian flavours with a Western twist on the cheap, with 20% off Monday to Thursday and 10% off Friday to Saturday.

64th & Social Bar and Grill

The chameleon of evening venues, 64th and Social has it all. The dark, chic interior provides the backdrop to an exciting bar, restaurant and club. Start the evening with a sophisticated dinner centred around steak and fish dishes, then sip on a wide range of inventive cocktails after dinner until late when 64th and Social becomes a nightclub, complete with a dancefloor and DJ sets. You couldn’t want for much else. Oh, except a 10% discount, which is available with your South London Club card.

The Southsider

Once you’ve had your fill of dinner from the rest of the list, head along to The Southsider for a night cap. Cosy booths and exposed brickwork create a relaxed hang-out for your pre or post-dinner drinks. Their creative cocktails are all created in-house with the freshest ingredients and are served by friendly bar staff. With your South London Club card, you can get 10% off the best cocktails in town and go home happy (not just from one too many!).



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