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Strictly Front Room - Private Dance Class in South East London

Strictly Front Room is a private dance class in Bromley and South East London. Offering an easy and stress free way to master any dance form in the comfort of your own home, Strictly Front Room use a unique approach to teaching.

Cathi, the entrepreneur and dance professional behind this independent business, encourages you to book classes at a time that is convenient for you, meaning you don't have to rearrange your daily routine to fit the classes in.

Cathi is an experienced, patient and professional dance teacher and teaches a variety of dances including the Waltz; Tango; Jive; Salsa; Argentine Tango and many more, including freestyles and famous routines (Dirty Dancing, Thriller etc.).

Cathi specialises in Wedding dances, working with you to design and perform your own routine.


Cathi's operating times are flexible, meaning you can learn to dance at a time that suits you!

For more information or to book a class, simply contact Cathi via her website or social media pages.

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