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143 Lee Road, Lee SE3 9DJ


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Artful Pelican: Art Gallery In Lee

Artful Pelican, run by local philanthropist David Coombe, is the first of its kind in Lewisham Borough. Situated in Lee, near Blackheath, the gallery has sold works to local people and businesses across the borough. However, there is something different about Artful Pelican that sets it apart from the rest...

David and the team are regularly speaking to, and sourcing work from, homeless, ex-homeless and/or vulnerable artists to display at the gallery. The gallery is very much trade, rather than aid, oriented; giving the artists a real, long-lasting, sense of accomplishment in addition to the funds they need to begin improving their living situations. 

With that said, David explains that due to the often chaotic existence some of these people endure, arranging for their art to be produced, transported and displayed takes time. This means that not only is the number of artists producing for the gallery in constant flux, but the works they produce tend to be in limited supply, so be sure to snap one up if it catches your eye!

All exhibiting artists support the gallery with a minimum 25% donation from any sale, with some donating considerable sums (up to 100%). With his connections and experience in the art world, David is able to sell the work at prices the artists themselves would never have been able to achieve, giving them the income they deserve for their work and helping to maintain this support network at the heart of the community.



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