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Unit 123, Camberwell Business Centre, Lomond Road, SE5 7HN 



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Optima Electrical Training - Electrical Training School in Camberwell

Optima is an independent electrical training school in Camberwell, South London.

Offering a wide range of City & Guilds and EAL accredited electrical courses that have been designed to fit smoothly around your needs and other commitments, Optima are perfect for those looking to develop their qualifications and skill sets.

With over 45 years in the industry and as a training provider, Optima have the experience, the know how, the reputation and the staff that has helped countless people achieve their full potential. All this makes them one of London's leading training providers.
Three main reason stand them out from other training providers. Firstly, they're specialists; they only offer City & Guilds and EAL courses in the subject areas they specialise in.

Secondly; their reputation. The vast majority of Optima's previous clients complete their further training with them and state that 'word of mouth' was the initial reason for getting in touch. The fact that customers have spread the word is testament to the quality of Optima's courses and professionalism and friendly delivery they

Lastly; flexibility. Optima can tailor their courses to suit your individual needs and offer services throughout the week, evenings and weekends -just get in touch with them here.


Optima Electrical Training offer their services throughout the week, evenings and weekends and their course dates can be arranged to suit you! Just ask via their website. 

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