5 Smoothies and Juices You Have To Try In South London

Contrary to popular belief, Juices and Smoothies are for everyone. Not just health fanatics. And no, they don’t all taste like grass. Truth is, whether you’re a fitness bunny who juices post-workout or you’re a party animal who needs to shake off the night before with some quick nutrients, they’re super convenient and tasty. And they aren’t just for Bondi Beach Instagrammers, you can find some fantastic ones right here in South London. Who knows, if summer in London ever arrives, you might even be able to enjoy them in the sun. Okay, so you might have to compromise on that, but you won’t have to compromise on taste.


Located just a short walk from Catford Station (so you can sip on your way into work and impress your co-workers with your health kick), Joy’s Health Sanctuary specialises in healthy and natural juices and smoothies. What’s more, they’re prepared freshly right in front of you! Joy is passionate about spreading healthy, organic, plant-based food…one smoothie and juice at a time. We’d definitely recommend ordering ‘Joy’s Special’ as it is a powerhouse of nutrients and tastes brilliant. Oh, and once you’re done with your smoothie they also offer gluten-free, Vegan cakes. Probably not as healthy as the juice, but it has to be done. You’ve got 10% off with your South London Club card, so your daily juice won’t just do your body good, but your wallet too!


Located inside the South London Gallery, you can look healthy and cultured all in one place! They offer smoothies and Daily Dose unpasteurised bottled cold-pressed juices. If you fancy an afternoon of aimless wandering amongst the best art in South London, sipping on a refreshing juice (that you got 10% off of with your South London Club card),head to The Habit @ SLG! Just don’t spill it, we don’t offer discounts on damaged art.


Photograph: Art Deli Cafe on Facebook

Photograph: Art Deli Cafe on Facebook

Art Deli Café offer your favourite freshly pressed juices as well as exciting smoothies such as ‘Power’, ‘Kick Start’ and ‘Pure’, so every one of your moods is covered. But they don’t stop there. They also offer acai, the delicious superfood fruit from Brazil, as a smoothie mixed with other fruits or as a bowl topped with fruit and granola. You’ve probably heard of acai and now is your chance to give it a go. For a nutrition-packed breakfast, pop into the charming Art Deli Café and enjoy your 10% discount with your South London Club Card.


Photograph: @chiro_london Instagram

Photograph: @chiro_london Instagram

Nourish your body with organic, cold-pressed juices that are made to do you good, with no artificial additives or preservatives. Get Juiced in Croydon make all of their products fresh to order and it definitely makes the difference. If you’re looking for a health kick like no other, grab the lean n’ green juice. Get 10% off your smoothie with your South London Club card and take on your day feeling nourished and revitalised!


Photograph: Foodies on Facebook

Photograph: Foodies on Facebook

Now these are something special! Not only does Foodies offer an energising green smoothie, but also nut butter and banana smoothies if you wanted something more indulgent. Or maybe you want a berry smoothie? No problem. You can even get your 5-a-day in one drink when you pop into Foodies. They really do make eating healthy and nourishing your body as easy as possible! Their smoothies may be chilled and refreshing, but the welcome is warm and we’re sure you will be a repeat customer. With 10% off with your South London Club card and your 5-a-day guaranteed, how can you say no?


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