6 Places To Get Inked In South London

If you’re reading this you’ve either already been inked or you are seriously thinking about it, so you’ve probably heard all of the “advice” people like to give. Things like ‘you do realise they’re permanent?’ and ‘have you thought about how it’ll look when you’re older?’. But you probably haven’t gotten much useful advice, which is where we come in. It’s hard to know where to get inked when everyone you meet has a different favourite parlour but we think it’s a personal choice, which is why we’ve provided you with 8 of our top picks for you to browse and decide.


Joey Inks boasts a group of talented tattoo artists who offer friendly, honest service. They are passionate about tattoos and are perfectionists when it comes to providing you with the tattoo you want. They won’t settle for less than exceptional, with a wide range of styles including realism, horror, traditional, comic and custom designs. They also offer amazing cover ups so if you’re freaking out and regretting getting inked, get in touch! Getting a tattoo can be painful, but it will hurt less knowing you’re getting 10% off with your South London Club card.


If you want experienced artists, a wide range of styles on offer and a friendly service, hit up Next Chapter. Choose from a wide range of styles including Neo traditional, black and grey, colour realism or dotwork. We think this will become your new favourite, with a great vibe and skilled artists. If getting inked isn’t enough, they also offer piercings. Plus, you can get 15% off with your South London Club card, so the price won’t sting!


Photograph: Wallington Tattoo & Piercing Website

Photograph: Wallington Tattoo & Piercing Website

Established in 1992, Wallington Tattoo & Piercing is your go-to if you want award-winning, experienced artists. They specialise in realism, neo-traditional, tribal, calligraphy and much more. Or, if you want to bring in a custom tattoo or your own design, they can cater for that too. This parlour is committed to the highest standards of hygiene, so if the hygiene aspect is putting you off getting a tattoo, fear no more. With your South London Club card, you can get the talent of the Wallington Tattoo artists and 10% off of tattoos and £5 off piercings.


Photograph: Inkwa Tattoos Website

Photograph: Inkwa Tattoos Website

Inkwa Tattoos was founded by husband and wife duo Rob and Tamar Lawrence and specialises in Afropean art. They have 4 in-house tattoo artists that all specialise in something different, so when you step into Inkwa tattoos, they have all bases covered. They are committed to being non-judgemental and allowing you to express yourself creatively, so you can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you’re not sure what you want exactly and need some guidance, you will definitely leave Inkwa with something special. Or if you know exactly what you want, you won’t leave with anything but. That we can guarantee, and that you’ll get 15% off service with your South London Club card.


Sydenham Ink boasts three professional tattoo artists that specialise in Neo Traditional, Traditional and Realism. They appreciate that each customer is an individual and enjoy creating custom pieces so you can express your own sense of style. They understand getting a tattoo isn’t something to be taken lightly so free consultations are part of the package at Sydenham Ink, where you can explain exactly what it is you want and they can use their creative skills to create something beautiful and unique. They even offer tattoo parties! Immerse yourself in a place where tattoos are celebrated and cultivated with pride and enjoy 10% off services with your South London Club card.


Aessandro, the owner of London Classic, is determined that the design in your mind will be replicated on your skin. When you go to London Classic, expect to meet a talented team who can cater for your exact needs. Whether you have a design on paper and need it copied precisely or you want someone to design something for you, they won’t disappoint. Surely there’s a catch? Unless you count getting 10% off with your South London Club card, then nope. Just honest, professional skills and results.


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