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Wear My Baby - Baby Carrier Boutique in Tooting

Wear My Baby is an independent baby carrier boutique in Tooting. Focused on improving the relationships between babies, young children and their parents, as well as the mental and physical development of the child, Wear My Baby specialise in the sale of baby carriers, wraps, slings and accessories for -quite literally- wearing your baby.

"But aren't buggies and prams the best way to take your babies and young children with you?" - the most common yet unfortunately uninformed response... Here are just some of the benefits of carrying your young:

  • Your baby will be happier and more settled. Babies are easily comforted by the feeling of closeness to their parents. Your walking movements, radiant heat, breathing and heartbeat are all rhythms that elicit a feeling of calm in your baby.

  • Your baby will be encouraged to sleep better. In particular, newborns in their ‘4th trimester’ who are still adjusting to life outside the womb often prefer to sleep on someone than in a cot. This is biologically appropriate, not a bad habit and will not last forever!

  • It supports parent-child bonding and may ease symptoms of postnatal depression. It’s also a great way for other family members or caregivers to build strong, healthy connections to baby.

  • Breastfeeding is promoted through continued close contact.

  • It is good for babies’ physical development. Being supported and carried upright with the whole body boosts your baby’s physical development, and gives the same benefits as ‘tummy time.’

  • It’s good for their cognitive and emotional development. Your baby can see the world around them and engage with you face to face.

  • Sling use can help regulate a newborn and premature baby’s temperature and breathing, notably when baby is carried against their parent or carers skin.

  • Wearing your baby can support postnatal recovery, gently improving your posture and core strength.

  • It’s incredibly practical. You’ll have you hands free to make sandwiches, do the laundry, look after other children… the list is endless. Slings take up far less room than prams and buggies, making travelling by car or public transport so much easier.


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