Gosnells Mead


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Unit 2, Print Village, Chadwick Road, SE15 4PU



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Gosnells Mead - Meadery and Bar in Peckham

Gosnells Mead is an independent meadery and bar in Peckham, South East London.

Founded in 2013, Gosnells produce some of the finest mead in the land. Having been inspired by the brewing experimentation he witnessed across the pond, founder Tom Gosnell decide to rekindle the somewhat ancient practice of brewing mead.

What is mead? It's not beer, but it's similar... Most alcoholic drinks are made by fermenting sugar into alcohol. When brewing beer, you use the sugar found in the malted barley or other grain (wheat beer, for example). With mead, you don't have grains. Instead, the sugar you turn into alcohol comes from honey.

That's right; sweet, golden, delicious honey! Unsurprisingly, this sticky treat imparts some of its flavour into the mead, leaving a light, crisp, sparkling drink perfect for sunny days and wintery nights.

With their taproom opening every Friday and Saturday night on Chadwick Road, Peckham, you'd do well to introduce yourself to this historic drink! (mead is famous for having been brewed by ye olde monks of medieval England, who would use it to 'medicate' their parishioners).


Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: Closed

Friday: 5pm - 10pm

Saturday: 12pm - 10pm

Sunday: Closed

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