Brake Bikes


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Brake Bikes: Single Speed Bikes

With their polished, slick design and their vibrant colour schemes, Brake Bikes are a truly innovative bike brand to have taken to the market.

As the brainchild of Blackheath based designer and cycling enthusiast Rachel Thomas, Brake Bikes were conceived through fusing two distinctly different mediums: Californian style, and British design.

The first edition Brake Bikes are three designed single speed bikes, in specific colour combinations. Limited to less than 100 in each colour combination, they are also numbered and exclusive to you. 

Simple, consistent designs mixed with high-quality parts and an eye for style has made these bikes truly unique. They are both a fashion accessory and a highly efficient mode of transport.

You can order your Brake Bike through their website, or alternatively, you can buy one from Pedal It on Lee High Road, where they stock a range of them.


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