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4-5 London Road, Elephant And Castle, SE1 6JZ


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Paladar - Latin American Restaurant in Elephant and Castle

Paladar is an independent Latin American restaurant in Elephant and Castle, South East London.

Our cuisine is inspired by the foods, flavours and cooking styles common to many of the countries and cultures of Latin America – Spanish and Portuguese-speaking America including some Caribbean islands, such as Cuba, which are culturally Latin American.

In both languages, the world ‘paladar’ means ‘palate’ – referring to taste, appetite and appreciating the finer things in life – and this is what it is all about for us. In Cuba a paladar is also a small, privately-run restaurant with character – which is what we are!

While London is rich with restaurants dedicated to the cuisines of Latin America’s individual countries, Paladar brings something new to the city’s restaurant landscape, focusing on bringing together the best food, drink and culture of the whole of Latin America, rather than just one country.

Here you’ll discover flavours from Colombia, Ecuador and Cuba as well as Mexico and Peru – presented ‘London style’. You can also experience some of our more unique finds, such as oak-aged Colombian gin, vodka made from Bolivian quinoa and wines using indigenous grape varieties.

In the adjoining bodega you can buy our wines and spirits at retail prices to take away. We also sell a range of craft chocolate and fine single-estate coffee beans from Latin America, which you can enjoy at home or give as gifts to your friends and family.


Monday: 11.30am - 11pm

Tuesday: 11.30am - 11pm

Wednesday: 11.30am - 11pm

Thursday: 11.30am - 11pm

Friday: 11.30am - 11pm

Saturday: 5.30pm - 12am

Sunday: Closed

Opening times are for drinks and light bites. Lunch is served from 12pm - 2pm and dinner from 6pm - 10pm

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