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Folkestone Gardens, Deptford, SE8 5JE



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FESTA sul prato - Italian Cafe & Restaurant In Deptford

FESTA sul prato is an independent Italian cafe & restaurant in Deptford, South London. Beautifully positioned in one of Deptford's lesser known parks, within what used to be a dilapidated toilet block, FESTA sul prato, which literally translates as "feast in the meadow", was established to bring our vibrant community a restaurant where the food is high quality, the ingredients are fresh & locally sourced and where you can take your family for a great meal without excessive damage to your wallet. The menu, created by Martin Hoenle -the entrepreneur behind this intriguing venture- and his team of experienced chefs, boasts a number of interesting yet affordable dishes. These range from eggs royale to fresh fruit yogurt for breakfast, and from bruschetta and pasta dishes, to sirloin steaks and tiramisu for lunch & dinner.

Surrounded by leafy trees, grassy knolls and a short walk from both the pond and the skatepark, FESTA sul prato is perfect for a day out with the family, a hungover Sunday morning stroll through the wintery gardens or for a cosy private dinner. Be sure to keep an eye on their social media handles as they host the occasional "feast" event - a three-course meal themed on a particular region of Italy using seasonal produce.

Opening times

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 10am - 6pm

Wednesday: 10am - 6pm

Thursday: 10am - 10pm

Friday: 10am - 10pm

Saturday: 10am - 10pm

Sunday: 10am - 6pm

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