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Alex Shoe Repair

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Alex Shoe Repairs - Shoe Repair and Key Cutters

Alex Shoe Repairs is an independent bespoke cobbler and key cutter in Clapham, South West London. A family business that’s been running for 50  years, and in Lavender Hill for 35 years, do not hesitate to leave your beloved shoes in the hands of Alex Shoe Repairs.

Kevin's father in law began work as a cobbler aged 11 and, working for the family business the entire time, retired when he reached the ripe old age of 80. Having passed the keys to Kevin, the shop has retained its old fashioned feel; unique & antique machinery takes precedence on the shop floor and the smells of leather and metalwork are well established.

The shop, however, has taken on a new lease of life... All businesses must grow and change and Alex Shoe Repairs is no exception; Kevin now offers bespoke shoe amendments for a variety of sports and individual needs. His latest success has been amending shoes for those taking part in a horrifying 5 marathon race through the Sahara desert, where running shoes that don't allow the entry of sand are a big advantage.

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Monday: 7.30pm - 5pm

Tuesday: 7.30pm - 5pm

Wednesday: 7.30pm - 5pm

Thursday: 7.30pm - 5pm

Friday: 8am - 6pm

Saturday: 8.30pm - 5pm

Sunday: Closed 

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