5 Croydon street foods you have to try

Let us take you on a journey round some of the world's best street foods that just happen to be right on your doorstep...


Carioca Croydon

The fledgling younger sister to their spot over on Brixton's Market Row, Carioca serves up mouth-watering offerings reflecting the cultural melting pot of Rio's street food scene. Expect a fresh and exciting taste of Brazil's Portuguese, African and Indigenous heritage: Coxinhas (shredded chicken croquettes with their homemade churrasco sauce) or braised beef over cassava roti. Oh - and a killer caipirinha.


Feed Me Primal

The principles of the Paleo diet revolve around eating like our paleolithic ancestors, opting for grass-fed meats (hunting with stone tools optional), nutrient rich vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. The ethos of Feed Me Primal can be summed up in three words: healthy, tasty, affordable. For a real hunter-gatherer experience right in the heart of Croydon, pluck a few of your own herbs from their in-house garden and sprinkle over your succulent meaty feast!


Nanny Outars

Formerly a British Colony, the South American nation of Guyana is a diverse descendant of Indian, African and Caribbean influence. Named after the owner Chris' Guyanese grandmother, the menu is centred around our familiar unleavened friend, roti, and a whole lot of fillings. Plump for a yellow split pea and okra daal with fresh pomegranate seeds, or the tender pork and squash pepperpot with pineapple salsa.


Kothu Kothu

Meaning 'chop shop' Sri Lanka, the guys over at Kothu Kothu are bringing you a taste of the Colombo street corner. A percussion of blunted blades chopping and tossing on their hot plates, the preparation of these delicious concoctions of curry, egg, spices and chopped veg is a sight to be seen. Or heard. Or tasted. 


Bao Bao

And finally, another world leader in this global street food summit: Taiwan. Bao has taken London by storm over the last couple of years, so spend a little time among these soft clouds of braised pork, cumin lamb or teriyaki mushroom and you'll be showering them with praise too. While you're at it, stick around for the Chef's noodle soup specials or a classic katsu curry.