8 Scenic Spots for Yoga Practice in South London

We love a bit of yoga at South London Club, and we're very sure that a good number of you do too. First things first, forget about yoga in a crowded, sweaty studio. Just simply forget about it. It's summer, and why should you be inside when you could be out in the big wide world, in the fresh air, enjoying alfresco back-to-basics yoga in a scenic corner of South London. For those of you who don't practice yoga, imagine this list without the "yoga practice", for you this is just a list of 8 scenic spots in South London. Really though, it is a list of 8 scenic spots for yoga practice in South London.

isabella plantation, richmond park


Richmond Park is an incredible spot in its own right: deers, rivers and a beautiful ballet school. However, find a perfect serene spot in amongst Isabella’s Plantation and you will be enjoying your al fresco sun salutations in no time. This ornamental woodland garden is shut off from the roads, providing a small oasis with clearings, ponds and streams surrounded by beautiful ferns and exotic trees. A world away from London, it’s an idyllic place to enjoy a meditation after you’ve completed your routine.

crystal palace bowl, crystal palace park


Situated in Crystal Palace Park, the bowl is a piece of modern architecture that was once used as a stage. Contrary to its former life, the beautiful space is now quiet, calm, and relaxing. The bowl is perched by a lake filled with lily-pads and surrounded by greenery, making it a great spot for enjoying open-air yoga (the most Xtreme kind of yoga); fill your lungs with clean air as you stretch and flex with a gentle breeze, and the rustle of the trees to keep you grounded. This area of the park is quieter than other spots, as most people - particularly families - tend to visit the model dinosaurs on the other side. 

frank's cafe, peckham

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These yoga classes take place in the same space as Frank’s Cafe in Peckham, more commonly known for it’s incredible rooftop views in the summer. Perched on the top of a 10-storey car park, these Sunset Sessions run by the Secret Yoga Club are performed against a backdrop of the London skyline. They are run on weekends during the summer months and each class focuses on a different style, giving an endless supply of energising experiences.

eltham palace and gardens


Eltham Palace is a destination in its own right, and with the entry fee (£14.40 for an adult - 05/2017) you might want to make a day of it. Why not enjoy the house and gardens as well as bringing your yoga kit along? The beautiful gardens cover 19 acres and feature herbaceous borders, a rock garden with cascades, and a rose garden. This vast area means there is always a quiet corner for you to settle down underneath a tree and enjoy a wheel pose or a revolved triangle to stretch out your chest. 

desmond tutu peace garden, chinbrook meadows


If you’re doing yoga to practice peace for the mind and body, look no further than this peace garden inspired by the great Desmond Tutu. This small garden located in Chinbrook Meadows in Grove Park has areas of wildflowers, as well as a Peace Pole which is carved with a mosaic and writing in different languages. Knowing this garden was created in honour of Desmond Tutu will only leave you feeling more in the frame of mind to feel relaxed and connected with the world around you - exactly what you want for a fulfilling routine.

rose garden, greenwich park


Greenwich Park provides the perfect scenic setting for any outdoor activity. With it’s endless views of London and vast green spaces, you can be sure to find a serene spot, especially if you get up early and avoid the crowds. Enjoy a tree, warrior or plank pose in amongst the beautiful roses and trees in the rose garden, where there are no dogs or bicycles allowed. This doesn’t mean you can’t perform your downward-facing dog position though, we promise. If you’re up early, enjoy watching the sunrise from the hill nearby and maybe salute it in true yoga style.

brockwell park, brixton


Brockwell Park sits in the heart of South London, between Brixton, Herne Hill, and Dulwich, and if you pitch up on the hill looking towards London Bridge, you can enjoy some of the best views on offer south of the river. Though popular, if you get there early, before everyone else arrives, you should certainly be able to find a spot where you can both take in the stunning view, and complete a very fulfilling routine. Or, if you for some reason don't fancy yoga, you can just do as Adele did - sit in Brockwell Park, drinking cider.

wandsworth park, putney

crop 18382351_438626646501904_9078377449930096640_n.jpg

Bordering the river, Wandsworth Park is more of a risk than most of the other spots on this list, but if you manage to find yourself a nice, secluded spot, with shade provided by the magnificent plane trees, and a view of the majestic Thames then you really are in luck. If it’s quiet, you can listen to the lapping of the water as you become utterly and entirely relaxed while performing a routine of your choosing. Who needs a peace pagoda after all?

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