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Bentham House, 2-4 Arsenal Way, SE18 6FJ


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YourStyle Fitness - Fitness Class in Woolwich

YourStyle Fitness is an independent fitness and wellbeing school in Woolwich, South East London.

YourStyle Fitness have one aim. That aim is help people who struggle to exercise do so and stick to their exercise plans. As the name suggests, the classes are built around you and your style of getting fit. For example, classes are available from 7pm - 9pm in the week; that time when you're home from work yet still have enough energy to do something active.

With their personable, supportive, knowledgeable instructors, the team will work with you to find a routine that works and stick to it.

Choose from pilates, yoga or zumba and be prepared to work hard, have a laugh, release some endorphins and, importantly, meet and get to know members of your local community. The benefit of this last point is that working together as a team to meet your individual goals has been proven to increase motivation and achievement.


Monday: 7pm - 9pm

Tuesday: 7pm - 9pm

Wednesday: 7pm - 9pm

Thursday: 7pm - 9pm

Friday: 8pm - 9pm

Saturday: 8am - 11.30am

Sunday: 9am - 11am