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Hiit Tennis

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Hiit Tennis - Tennis Fitness Sessions in Wandsworth

Hiit Tennis is an independent tennis fitness session in Wandsworth, South West London.

Hiit Tennis is a high intensity fitness session that focuses on delivering four main outcomes for you, their attendees:

1) That you're playing lots of tennis

2) That you're adding muscle

3) That you're burning fat

4) That you're enjoying your workout!

The name, Hiit Tennis, comes from combining the world's favourite racket sport, with the world's most gruelling hit workouts in a bootcamp style.  We might be exaggerating a bit there but the sessions will get you working hard.

Listen to playlists specially curated to keep you motivated and smiling whilst enjoying an intense 75 minute session. The workout is led by two expert trainers (the people, not the type of shoe) and each session finishes with on-court games and yoga style stretching.

All equipment is provided. All you need to bring with you are your trainers, some water and a positive attitude!



Sunday: 10.45am - 12pm

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