Charcoal & Meze


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210 Walworth Road, Walworth, SE17 1JE

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Charcoal & Meze - Turkish Restaurant in Walworth

Charcoal & Meze is an independent Turkish restaurant in Walworth, South London.

Clean, simply-but-effectively decorated and serving delicious authentic Turkish classics, Charcoal & Meze is a fairly recent addition to Walworth's dining scene.

Choose from satisfyingly juicy lamb or chicken shish, accompanied by a large fresh mixture of the classic turkish salad items including tomatoes, lettuce, red cabbage, onion and a green chilli or two, if you dare.

Feel at ease to eat in or takeaway; a comfortable seating area awaits and is close enough to the main grill for you to continue receiving the aromas from your meal as it cooks.


Monday: 11am - 1am

Tuesday: 11am - 1am

Wednesday: 11am - 1am

Thursday: 11am - 1am

Friday: 11am - 1am

Saturday: 11am - 1am

Sunday: 11am - 12am