The Wayfairer


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55 Broadway Market, 41 Tooting High Street, SW17 0RJ

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The Wayfairer - African Ornaments in Tooting

The Wayfairer is an independent ornament shop in Tooting, South London.

To say that The Wayfairer's collection is simply 'African ornaments' does not do it justice. In fact, the collection, as the name suggests, is made up of artefacts and ornaments sourced from across the world. Similar to how a traveller might pick up bits and pieces while circumventing the globe, Kwame works hard to gather import the best art he can find.

Specialising in stone and wooden sculptures of African influence, Kwame (AKA The Wayfairer) is the go-to man for cultural sculptures and ornaments. In addition, Kwame also has a collection of Leather Jackets and Sheepskin coats; a throwback from his days at Camden market.