HB3 Hair Extensions


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Toni is based in Tooting but is able to work anywhere in South London



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HB3 Hair Extensions: Hair Extension Service In South

HB3 Hair Extensions is an independent mobile hair extension service with a base in Tooting but operating across the whole of South London. This exciting new venture, established by award-winning hair extension specialist Toni Shand, is revolutionising our approach to hair extensions here in South London. Using her skills, knowledge and experience as a hair extension specialist, Toni works with clients to achieve a look that is full of life, colour and volume by subtly   in-laying the extensions. Toni performs her magic wherever is most comfortable for you; either at your home or hers. 

Feel free to give her a call for a quote or to discuss your consultation.

Opening times

Monday: 6pm - 11pm

Tuesday: 6pm - 11pm

Wednesday: 6pm - 11pm

Thursday: 6pm - 11pm

Friday: 6pm - 11pm

Saturday: 10am - 9pm

Sunday: 10am - 9pm