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Swift Fitness - Fitness Bootcamp in South London

Swift Fitness is an independent fitness bootcamp provider in South London.

Started by a husband and wife team (Sam & Jenny) back in 2008, the pair had been working as personal trainers for a number of years but found themselves increasingly being caught up in the excitement of their few outdoor group classes.

Being outdoorsy people and wanting to share the delights of exercising outside with the rest of London, the pair descended on the many parks and green spaces offered up by our great capital.

Having heard of the 'bootcamp' style of training, they decided that the military style and shouting of orders and instructions wasn't really for them, nor, it seemed, was it for their clients.

So they settled on something a little more fun, friendly and inviting.


These vary, so check their website for details. Classes generally run Monday - Saturday and are a combination of early mornings, day times, evenings, and weekend time-slots.