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139 Copeland Road, Peckham, SE15 3SN



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Lost Text / Found Space - Independent Theatre Company in Peckham

Lost Text / Found Space is an independent theatre company in Peckham, South East London.

Founded in 2017 with the aim of performing a repertoire of underperformed theatre, Lost Text / Found Space focus on bringing long-lost works to new audiences in exciting urban settings. With a special impetus on the works of unknown female writers, the team hope to bring these age-old plays back to life and offer the local community the opportunity to delve into the world of theatre in an immersive, site-based and intimate setting.

Expect productions adapted from works like Elizabeth Inchbald's "The Massacre" (1792), with it's themes of mob-thinking, scapegoating and a profound sense of humanism. The timeless appeal of the works chosen by the team often resonate with the trials and tribulations of the modern world and so make for a very entertaining time!

Director Rebecca McCutcheon (RSC, Almeida, National Theatre, Old Vic, Roundhouse) is unique in her approach and explores site and text with movement and music, creating an evocative experience that truly resonates with all audiences.

Eager to grow, extend and develop their work, be sure to voice your thoughts when you go and see one of their incredible productions.

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Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 8pm showing

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Sunday: 5pm & 7pm showings

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