Melange Chocolate


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2 Maxted Road, Peckham, SE15 4LL


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Melange Chocolate: Chocolate Shop In Peckham

Melange Chocolate is an amazing chocolate shop and cafe situated on Maxted Road, Peckham. The enterprise began in 2008, when artisan chocolatier Isabelle Alaya started out selling her premium chocolate to the people of Peckham, on Bellenden Road. Isabelle now has a well deserved reputation for making specialty, award-winning, hand-made chocolate bars and truffles, all of which are characterised by an eclectic combination of spices, herbs and fruits. Amongst the range of chocolate goods on offer is Isabelle’s legendary hot chocolate recipe, which has been rated a top ten in London and has received the recommendation of a number of local newspapers, food bloggers and, well, local residents.

The menu of treats available at Melange is varied and inclusive;

Traditional, artisan Chocolate Bars & Truffles

Hot Chocolates


Artisan Ice Cream (made by the Ice Cream Union)

Sugar, Dairy and Gluten Free Chocolate Drinks

Smoothies and Frappes

Ingredients for Baking

In addition to the making and selling of their divine chocolates, Isabelle and the team also offer chocolate making classes from The Chocolate Museum in Brixton, which was founded in 2013 by Isabelle due to her desire to teach people about quality chocolate and it’s history.  

These are ideal for birthdays, corporate events, hen parties or even as family activities. On top of that, Isabelle offers special sessions for schools (visit The Chocolate Museum for more info).

They also offer a Chocolate and Wine tasting evening workshop at Melange’s premises on Maxted Road, ideal for those looking to indulge whilst winding down.

There are 15 different flavours of chocolate bar to choose from; 6 dark, 6 milk and 3 white. All dark chocolates are dairy free and the only animal product used in the other varieties is milk. All chocolate bars are free from nuts, gluten, preservatives and substitutes. The portion sizes are 90g bags, which are made up of around 5 strips of chocolate, each one is layered into slabs and cut by hand. Alternatively you can buy single 20g strips and even mix and match to create your own sized bag with different flavours.

Opening times

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 12.30am - 7pm

Thursday: 12.30am - 7pm

Friday: 12.30am - 7pm

Saturday: 10.30am - 6pm

Sunday: 10.30am - 6pm