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Wanderlust Wines - Quality Undiscovered Wines

Wanderlust Wines is an independent online wine shop based in South London.

Wanderlust Wines was set up as a means to offer sustainable, quality, wines -created by small producers around the world- to the good people of London.

With a keen eye (and nose, and tongue) for incredible wines and honest, caring, mindful viticulture practices, founder Richard began building a portfolio of small-scale producers from around the world who shared his passion and vision for a more sustainable quality-oriented system of producing and selling wine.

Wanderlust means 'a strong desire to travel' and is indicative of the culture at Wanderlust Wines, who's team share a desire to discover new countries, regions and grapes all for the pleasure of bringing them to your table.

Many, if not most, of the wines found at Wanderlust cannot be found anywhere in the UK and, for most of us humble wine lovers, are far out of reach - often these wines make it no further than the borders of the countries they originate from. What this means is that to taste these delicious, fruity, saliva-inducing wines, you have to go there. But not any more.

Whether you're a lover of old world wines (with a new-world attitudes) or unashamedly young regions producing exciting new flavours, check out Wanderlust Wines' comprehensive selection - you're bound to find your new favourite tipple and possibly for less than you would have thought...

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