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Janie bates jewellery: Online Jewellery Shop In South London

Janie Bates Jewellery are an online Jewellery company, creating bespoke necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and more from silver and other unique metals. As a collector and buyer, Janie has built skills in seeking out the best quality materials to create her jewellery.

"For the last 25 years I have been buying silver, some old some new. From souks in Oman, sitting on a dusty floor and excitedly sifting through piles of old silver tipped out of sacks, to a tiny workshop at the top of some ancient stone steps in the Khan El Khalil in Cairo. To me, silver is more beautiful than gold, so soft to feel and easy to wear. Yes, you have to polish it, but the joy of transforming a dirty tarnished piece of silver to me is magical!"

Check out her website to see her vast stock collection on offer. Alongside her own personal designs, Janie is more than happy to work with customers to design their perfect piece. If you would like to purchase a product using your South London Club Card, send us an email requesting the discount code and we'll send it to you. 

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