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Lavender Shop - Lavender Gifts and Artwork in Greenwich

The Lavender Shop is an independent online retailer of gifts, ornaments and artwork based in Greenwich, South East London.

Lavender is an exceptionally versatile herb. Thanks to its unmistakeable aroma, it is most often applied as an essential oil for therapeutic purposes; in massage oils etc.

A couple of drops of this essential oil onto your clothing, into your bath or even onto your skin, can transfer it's therapeutic and relaxing properties too.

A well known remedy for lack of sleep, lavender cushions or oil on the pillow can dramatically improve restfulness and encourage a long, healthy sleep.

Equally, the pungent aroma is known to relieve headaches, heaviness and stress and levelling of your emotions. Antiseptic and vitalizing properties of lavender make it ideal for treating neural gastro-intestinal disorders, increasing bile production and enhances digestion. Need we say much more?

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