The Adobros


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The Adobros: Filipino Supper Club In New Cross

The Adobros, as the apt name suggests, is a partnership of two brothers, who know how to cook, and cook well. Mike and Mark are the ‘bros’ in The Adobros, a culinary duo aiming, since 2013, to feed the hungry hordes of London with their brand of home-cooked and hearty Filipino food, one supper club at a time.

Based out of their flat in New Cross, they have created a dining experience that they feel captures the best of the Filipino food culture the brothers grew up with: the warm welcome, the social sharing, the festive feasting and, of course, the distinctively delicious flavours of their take on Filipino classics. Their menu caters to vegetarians and vegans as well so all are welcome to come and try out what this fantastic cuisine has to offer.

Bookings are required for attendance. Please see their website for details on how to book your place.