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259-60 Hardess Road, Loughborough Junction, SE24 0HN



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Whirled Cinema - Community Cinema in Loughborough Junction

Whirled Cinema is an independent cinema in Loughborough Junction, South Central London. Small, cosy and intimate, Whirled Cinema is a world away from your everyday multiplex experience. With an affordable membership, and free of advertising and trailers, this is the place to come to indulge your love of good film, kick back with a few drinks and make new friends in a chilled and welcoming environment.

A little off the beaten track, Whirled Cinema is hidden away in railway arches in Loughborough Junction (just a stone’s throw from Brixton and Herne Hill), making them one of South London’s best-kept secrets.

Since opening their doors back in 2010, as an independent members cinema, the team have set out to screen a diverse programme of the best of current world and art house cinema - and have built a dedicated local audience as a result. Don't be the last to discover this incredible local cinema; book your tickets today and receive 10% off weekly membership with your South London Club Card.


Monday: 7pm - 11pm

Tuesday: 7pm - 11pm

Wednesday: 7pm - 11pm

Thursday: Closed

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 4 - 9pm

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