Blue Turtle Oasis


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210 Coldharbour Lane, Loughborough Junction, SW9 8SA


Blue Turtle Oasis

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Blue Turtle Oasis - Cafe and Venue in Loughborough Junction

Blue Turtle Oasis is an independent cafe and venue in Loughborough Junction, South London. Serving Volcano coffee and a selection of baked goods and scrumptious sandwiches, Blue Turtle Oasis is an rare local hangout nestled in a community that has in many ways been failed by local government.

Committed to making food items from scratch using as many Organic natural ingredients as possible, the team offer an endearing selection of cakes and hot drinks to be enjoyed in the intimate, cosy cafe interior.

Expect a varied and lively clientele, regular events and the occasional late night down in the belly of the turtle.


Monday: 7am - 3pm

Tuesday: 7am - 3pm

Wednesday: 7am - 3pm

Thursday: 7am - 3pm

Friday: 7am - 3pm

Saturday: 9am - 4pm

Sunday: 9am - 4pm

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