Good Hope Ladywell Fields


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Ladywell Fields, Ladywell Road, London, SE13 7JA


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Good Hope - Cafe In Ladywell Fields Park

Sitting snug in the heart of Ladywell Fields, Ten Thousand Hands is a picturesque little cafe providing breakfast and lunch menus and great coffee.

Succeeding in their bid for the cafe in 2014, the local Charity organisation For Jimmy opened the Cafe in order to raise money for the charity, offer jobs to young people, including those with autism, and to create a community space in Ladywell promoting peace and prosperity. 

Since opening, the cafe and the foundation have achieved all of these things. The space in Ladywell fields has become a social and communal area, where people come and meet with friends over coffee, and For Jimmy have even put on two daytime festivals in the summer of 2015 which have attracted people from all over Lewisham.

Serving a variety of English Breakfasts, sandwiches, coffee and much more high quality produce, Ten Thousand Hands is a great place to stop and relax, and with the great view of Ladywell Fields behind you, it can often keep you there longer than you intended on staying!

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