First Aid Box


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119 Dulwich Road, Herne Hill, SE24 0NG


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first Aid Box: Cocktail Bar & Restaurant In Herne Hill

First Aid Box is an independent cocktail bar and restaurant in Herne Hill, South London. This intriguing hang-out, established back in 2015 by friends Chris Edwards and Dave Tregenza, has been serving the people of Herne Hill & Brixton some unusual yet exquisite cocktails and food pairings ever since. Combined with a theme of health, nutrition and "doctor's orders" this experienced entrepreneurial duo produce some of the most creative and often astonishing food & drinks menus in this side of the river. Be sure to try some of their selectively sourced charcuterie and ask for the perfect accompanying cocktail!

Opening times

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 5pm - 11pm

Wednesday: 5pm - 11pm

Thursday: 5pm - 11pm

Friday: 5pm - 12pm

Saturday: 9pm - 12pm

Sunday: Closed

(but available for private hire)