Deptford Does Art

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Deptford Does Art: Art Gallery In Deptford

Deptford Does Art is a multi-site Art gallery in Deptford. Put simply, it is an exciting project aimed at pooling and showcasing Art from around the area in order for local artists to gain exposure and therefore help them sell their work. The project exhibits artwork around the Deptford area, in spaces open to the public.

Keep tabs on what work is where by following their social media accounts, or simply visit your favourite Deptford watering holes (amongst other venues) and search the walls. The Art itself is all produced locally, by local artists both established and unknown. The Art ranges in type and style, from landscape paintings to pop-art and more abstract pieces. They also do murals, visual art, and cinematography. 

The Deptford Does Art project takes no commission from sales, meaning all the money from the sale goes to the artist, undoubtedly keeping them producing Art.


Check Deptford Does Art Facebook page for latest exhibitions

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