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5-17 Church Rd, Crystal Palace, London SE19 2TF


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Ruth Kudzi - Success Coach For Mums In Crystal Palace

Ruth Kudzi is an independent success coach for mums in Crystal Palace, South East London.

Conveniently located just a short walk from Crystal Palace Station, Ruth Kudzi is a business and mindset coach specialising in working with mums who want to start and develop their own business.

Heir aim: to empower mum’s to create the lives they want to live by developing a more flexible, family-friendly way of working. Helping mum’s to create a positive mindset, get clear on what they really want, and understand all of the practicalities of starting a business, Ruth Kudzi Coaching is a hidden gem with a unique, yet much needed mission. Having transitioned out of full-time employment into building her own business, Ruth has managed to balance work and family successfully.

On top of her longstanding experience, she has a BA in Psychology & Management studies, a MA in Psychology and numerous coaching qualifications including a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, a Diploma in Small Business Coaching and is completing her postgraduate certificate in coaching. A trustworthy, ambitious coach who will try her absolute best to help every single client as good as possible. Have a look around her website!