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160 Brighton Road, Coulsdon, CR5 2NE


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Cozy Glow - Candles And Gifts In Croydon

Cozy Glow is an independent candle shop in Croydon, South London. With the aim of bringing South London homes alive with the exhilarating, permeating, satisfying and relaxing scents of their soy wax candles, Cozy Glow is a one-stop shop for self-indulgers, those who treasure their personal wellbeing and, well, those who enjoy warm ambience when soaking in the bathtub... or getting sensual in the bedroom.

One of the most obvious benefits of Cozy Glow's candles is that they last up to 50% longer than paraffin or beeswax candles. In addition, the team are committed to using only the finest pure essential oils for maximum fragrance and optimal wellbeing.

100% soy candles don't produce soot or carcinogens and also don't involve disturbing and destroying the homes of bees, who work hard producing the wax used to build their homes, incubate their young and store their food.

As soy melts at a much lower temperature, the fragrances within are not burnt; meaning the scents are dispelled throughout the room. In addition to candles, expect a selection of reed diffusers, room sprays, cosmetics and other natural gifts. 


Monday: 10am - 5pm

Tuesday: 10am - 5pm

Wednesday: 10am - 5pm

Thursday: 10am - 5pm

Friday: 10am - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Sunday: Closed

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