The Wine Twit


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85 Nightingale Lane, Balham, SW12 8NX


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The Wine Twit - Wine Shop and Tasting Room

The Wine Twit is an independent wine shop and tasting room in Balham, South West London.

Specialising in boutique wines, spirits and craft beers from across the world, The Wine Twit tend to showcase smaller, artisan producers when stocking their shelves. In doing so, they regularly curate selections of intriguing and often largely undiscovered wines.

From an ambition to get the world's best wines out of the hands of the few and into those of the many, the team at The Wine Twit work hard to search and stock only the very best. OK so this may sound like something from a Labour manifesto, but it's true; this a shop for connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

You can book for private tastings or go along to regular open tastings and wine maker's dinners. Simply contact them for more details.

Pop in to see their wine, talk about wine or even to drink some if you're feeling up to it! Jez and his down-to-earth team will make sure you have a laugh, learn something about wine and leave with whatever it was you were looking for!


Monday: 12pm - 8pm

Tuesday: 12pm - 8pm

Wednesday: 12pm - 8pm

Thursday: 10pm - 8pm

Friday: 10pm - 8pm

Saturday: 9am - 7pm

Sunday: 12am - 6pm

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