5 Best Burger Joints In Brixton

Brixton is already a pretty lively place; one of the liveliest in South London we'd say, and since the night tube started it has only become more exciting. Beyond the clubs, bars and music venues, Brixton has one of the finest selections of burger joints in all of London. If you’re heading into Brixton to revel the night away - and possibly the morning after - it might be wise to eat something hearty beforehand, so as to line the stomach and fuel your night ahead. Even if you’re not going 'out out' (Micky Flanagan ©) but still want to head out for a meal, perhaps with friends, family or even a romantic interest, we’ve done the hard work and compiled a list of the best burger joints in Brixton.

Shhh! Burger Club & Bar

We really shouldn’t be telling you about this place, but we trust you so it’s okay, okay? Good. Shhh! - with three 'h's, get it right - is a favourite for many looking for a bit of cooked beef between two bits of bread, or brioche, whatever, hell it doesn’t even have to be beef, it can be chicken too, or even something vegan. Whatever your fancy, Shhh! has it all and does it very, very well. Their menu features both the standards you expect and some curiosities that you might like to try, like the PB & B (peanut butter and bacon jam). If you’re looking for a burger in Brixton, there are few places as good as Shhh! Burger Club & Bar. While you're here we'll let you in on another secret, with your South London Club card you get 10% off at this wonderful establishment.

Fancy Funkin Chicken

Without being picky as to what can be described as a burger joint, we’ve included Fancy Funkin Chicken. Almost a swear word, naughty naughty. Fancy Funkin Chicken offers a wide selection of some of the best funkin chicken burgers you’ll find in all of South London, and a pretty mean veggie burger too, all at a very reasonable price. You want a cheesy chicken burger? They’ve got it. A spicy chicken burger? They’ve got it. A pineapple-y chicken burger? They’ve got it. They've got it all. If you haven’t ordered a chicken burger from there yet, go do it. Now. Okay, chill out, no need to shout. Sorry. To make things up to you, here's a tip - you can get 15% off Sunday-Thursday with your South London Club card. Happy?


Grand Union Brixton

At South London Club we understand that sometimes you don’t want to push the boat out. You just want that boat to remain securely moored in the comfort of your own metaphorical harbour. Maybe you just want to know that a reliable straightforward burger is in reach, despite the wild and wacky food experiments that have infiltrated the burger scene of late. We feel you. We totes understand hun. If that’s what you’re aiming for, Grand Union Brixton is for you. Though the burgers are more straightforward, that does not mean the quality is worse, quite the opposite, in fact; the burgers are bloody great. Particularly their veggie burger, which is quite literally a thick slice of grilled halloumi in place of a beef burger. For those that savour this squeaky cheese (who doesn’t?), you are definitely going to enjoy this. Did we mention that they’ve also a got a cat? His name is Henry and he is a sneaky little moo. So get down to Grand Union Brixton, become friends with Henry, and use your South London Club card to get 20% off on food, and an extended happy hour Sunday-Friday!


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Honest Burger

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They do not lie over at Honest Burger. Honestly, they do not lie. Just look at that burger. Look at it. That burger is, to quote the great philosopher, peng. Those chips as well? Yes. Yes. Yes. Proper chips. None of these poxy fries. Real chip. Chips that you would get in a fish & chip shop. Do not see that enough. Slam some vinegar on those bad boys, follow up with salt (the order is essential), and you've found the perfect side set-up. There’s a lot going on with that burger, but not too much. That’s not gonna overpower you. That burger is going to listen to your opinions, and give you a real response. Get down there, get a beef/chicken/veggie burger, and eat that thing. No regrets.


Bukowski Grill Brixton

We do not know whether the Bukowski Grill was set up in honour of the great poet Charles Bukowski, but what we do know is that they do the Bukowski name proud with their absolutely bangin' burgers. Offering one of the widest selection of burgers you will come across in all of South London, you’ll be sure to find something you like at the Bukowski Grill. Even if you don’t like burgers, honestly, the ribs, these are Frank Underwood class ribs.



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