9 Best Cafes in West Norwood and Tulse Hill

You would be mistaken for thinking West Norwood is an area that doesn’t stand out within South London. Whether you decide to enjoy the view of the stunning St Luke’s Church or you want to experience the thriving high street, West Norwood is definitely an area you won’t get tired of. If you enjoy nothing more than relaxing in a cafe you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best 9 Cafes in West Norwood and Tulse Hill that we feel will be right up your alley.

Beamish and McGlue

 First on the list is Beamish and McGlue which is one of the most charming and vibrant cafes West Norwood has to offer. This colourful cafe is situated at the centre of the West Norwood and Tulse Hill community and has been delivering exquisite meals to the area for over a decade. The variety of food on offer in Beamish and McGlue is probably the biggest asset with organic fruit and vegetables readily available as well as highly nutritious lunches, made with first-class quality, locally sourced ingredients where possible. The success of the cafe has also been recognised on a wider scale with Beamish and McGlue named “Best Retailer in Lambeth". The Brilliance isn’t limited to the food however, the great customer service also adds to the feel of the place and the cafe was even shortlisted for "The Best Customer Service Award" in the South London Business Awards.

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Delicious Cafe

The name says it all with this place, in fact delicious could even be an understatement that’s the kind of high praise people give the ‘Delicious Cafe’ situated in West Norwood. Whether you’re in need of a fry-up or a nice soothing warm beverage the friendly team at Delicious Cafe will cater to all your needs with a smile. The staff take pride in making you feel at home during your visit and will always find time to have a chat even when it’s busy. All the menu options are available at a very reasonable price and this is the perfect destination for those of you who require something quick on your way to work.

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If you want to get a taste of authentic Italian cuisine then Taormina is most certainly the place for you. This unique Italian Deli has been described by the locals as a ‘true Italian experience’ and one we think you should not miss out on if you find yourself in West Norwood. Taormina provides excellent coffee that will have you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your day, while the simplistic interior of the place is very comforting and adds to the experience. The comfort factor is not limited to the interior however; the food is great and the staff are more than happy to engage with customers whenever possible and even make some suggestions as to what you should order. The array of excellent options available will probably require you to ask for their suggestions more often than not. Traditional Italian classics appear along with delicacies from Sicily, Naples and elsewhere, each home-made with high quality ingredients.

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Pintadera Cafe and Deli

A fairly recent addition to the West Norwood scene is the Pintadera Cafe and Deli. Despite still being in its infancy in comparison to other cafes on this list, the Pintadera Cafe has quickly rose to prominence with its fantastic coffee and breakfast service. This independent cafe serves various foods to fill your appetite such as cheese, meats, fresh pasta, salads and panini’s. They also have an excellent standard of vegetarian and vegan options. You can really sense the Italian/Sardinian influence in their sublime food which makes you think this cafe would stand out in Milan or Cagliari as well as West Norwood. Situated right near West Norwood and within 30 minutes of Brixton the Pintadera Cafe is a fine place to grab a bite to eat and possibly even get some work done as the place has free Wi-Fi available. 

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 The Electric Cafe

The Electric Cafe is very highly rated in the West Norwood area and the moment you step into this cafe it becomes evident why it’s a local favourite. The wonderful vintage interior of this establishment will have you in awe before you’ve even had a chance to digest the gorgeous food and beverages they have on offer. If you want a good old fashioned full English of variation then you really can’t go wrong at the Electric Cafe while you can also enjoy many other options with a Greek touch from their large menu.


Creative Aroma

Another fan favourite in the area is Creative Aroma, a cafe situated a stone’s throw away from Tulse Hill station. Creative Aroma provides a one of a kind relaxing and friendly atmosphere; the perfect place to enjoy a hot beverage in the morning or during a lunch break. They serve up the most delicious cakes to complement the coffee, while their brilliant handmade sandwiches are very reasonably priced. To put the icing on the cake (not literally) Creative Aroma is a treat for the mouth and the ears and they also play great music that compliments the ambience perfectly.


Little Rock Cafe

If you travel to West Norwood regularly you may notice this place among the many other high street shops in the area, but once you delve into the Little Rock Cafe we can assure you it won’t escape your attention again. This pleasant cafe has a magnificent menu which can be described as anything but ‘little.’ You can enjoy a meal containing a couple strips of bacon, egg, sausage, mushrooms and beans without passing the £6 barrier, while they even provide a vegetarian option that is even cheaper and as delicious. Additionally, they give you the option of a number of high quality omelettes and even do burgers also. You really are getting value for money at the Little Rock Cafe.


Another Italian influenced cafe on our list is the Sorrento Cafe situated in the heart of West Norwood also. If you want tasty chips, great omelettes and a fantastic array of salads available Sorrento most certainly deserves your attention. Locals say that in terms of the portions, Sorrento is definitely in the upper tier of the cafes in West Norwood. Not one inch of your plate or your stomach will be uncovered by the time you’ve experienced their food menu. This place is a real gem, filled with high quality passionate staff that make it their mission to ensure you are satisfied before, during and after your meal.


Sweet Portugal

If you’ve always enjoyed Portuguese influenced cuisine, then you must pop into the Sweet Portugal cafe. West Norwood can lay claim to having many splendid cafes however this one is truly special and can hold a candle to any cafe on this list. When you step inside you truly get the feel that you have entered a cafe in Lisbon, Porto or Braga as supposed to South London. The Portuguese and Iberian influence is apparent from the get go and it can even be sensed within the lovely food. You must try the pastal de nata, a traditional egg pastry common in Portugal, which will have you craving to try more Portuguese influenced delicacies. The coffee is also quite brilliant and distinctive in the style and taste and everything in this cafe is incredible cheap considering the quality.



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