8 Best Gin And Tonics In South London

Gin and Tonic seems to have made a recent comeback when it comes to sophisticated drinks, although hardcore G&T fans will say it never went out of fashion. Often known as a classy tipple, although it doesn’t always end that way. London has welcomed Gin with open arms since the early 17th Century, under William of Orange and we are more than willing to encourage that tradition.  Although a G&T from Wetherspoons can hit the spot, here we are talking about a proper Gin and Tonic, no holds barred. Here is a roundup of the best places to sip on a perfectly mixed Gin and Tonic in South London, with only the very best making the cut.

Forest Hill Gin Club, Forest Hill

forest hill gin club.jpg

A bar that is a true testament to the historic ritual of a Gin and Tonic, paying homage to the Brits’ love affair with this tipple. A place for Gin lovers to socialise and of course, sip on a huge variety of artisan Gins. They offer tastings, cocktail nights, master-classes and distillery visits. Basically, anything Gin related, Forest Hill Gin Club is where you want to head! South London Club cardholders can grab 10% off the main gin and tonic menu and 10% off branded glassware, so you can bring some Gin spirit home with you.

Spit and Sawdust, Elephant and Castle


Spit and Sawdust has been serving customers since 1856 and has seen a fair bit of history since then! Although it has now been modernised, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the exquisite drinks they serve, including over 40 whiskeys and gins. You know you’ll get a Gin and Tonic to rival the very best here, served alongside a yummy pie. With your South London Club card you can get 20% off food Monday to Thursday and 10% off food Friday to Sunday.

Clapton Craft, Forest Hill

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Forest Hill seem to be the pioneers of South London when it comes to Gin and Tonic, with Clapton Craft making their mark. Although initially set up to cater for beer-lovers, they’ve also dipped their toe into the pool of Gin. Not literally, but they do offer some unusual gins for you to taste. Served in a cosy environment, you can sip on your Gin in the smug knowledge that all of the wine and beer drinkers are missing out. With your South London Club card, you can get 5% off of spirits and 10% off beer and wine.

214 Bermondsey, Bermondsey

214 bermondsey.jpg

Offering over 100 Gins and BTW tonic water, so your spirit of choice is the star of the show, this Gin haven is a must-visit. The drinks are served in an intimate environment and 214 Bermondsey has caused quite the stir. Gins include The Scottish Reform, New American Drys, Genevers and Maritime Gins. You will truly be spoilt for choice. 214 Bermondsey claim ‘There’s no pretence, just Gin’, and we think that’s something we can get on board with.

Bermondsey Distillery, Maltby Street Market

bermondsey distillery.jpg

Home to Jensen’s Gin, Bermondsey Distillery is located next to Maltby Street Market and is open to the general public on Saturdays for gin tastings and long drinks. Or, you can book a distillery tour any time.  The gin is finely balanced, a recreation of a classic, old-fashioned London Dry Style. It is smooth and rounded, with delicate floral and citrus notes. It works really well in a Martini. If that has enticed you, then definitely check out the Bermondsey Distillery.

Little Bird Gin Residency, Maltby Street Market

Photograph: Giles Christopher - Media Wisdom Photography Ltd - 2016

Photograph: Giles Christopher - Media Wisdom Photography Ltd - 2016

Also located at Maltby Street Market, the Little Bird Gin Residency serve up a cracking G&T and have become a favourite amongst local Gin lovers. Think pink grapefruit, citrus and fresh juniper and you’ll have an idea of what’s on offer here. It is lively and tangy but also velvety and sweet. Truly some of the best gin in South London. Plus, you can enjoy it at their tucked away location amongst authentic vintage furniture and a 1940s-inspired retro vibe.

Graveney Gin, Tooting Market

graveny gin.jpg

A nano bar located in the corner of Tooting Market, Graveney Gin is waiting for you. They’ve got G&Ts, Gin Cocktails and Martinis. They think Gin is all about having fun and every bottle is crafted organically, ethically and with uncompromising quality. Each batch is made slightly differently with fresh botanicals, including Juniper Berries, Pink Grapefruit and Fresh Orange.  Definitely check out this little spot

The Imperial Durbar, Tooting


Run by two brothers, The Imperial Durbar wants to bring a taste of India to South London. And what better way than with Gin? They serve giant Maharajah sized Gin and Tonics from all over the old Empire’s trading routes topped off with a world of tonics and accents including their 1860 house tonic recipe. That’s right, they’re authentic, tasty and supersized.



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