Vote For The Best South London Borough

We have called on you before to vote in the name of South London, but this time is where things get serious. It's time to vote for the best South London Borough, in your humble (or not so humble) opinion.We bet when the boroughs were officially formed in 1965, no one had any idea the rivalries that would come to bear. Now your choice doesn't have to be the borough you were born and raised in, just make sure you choose wisely. Below we've included a list and summary of each borough, if you're undecided. Or if you're sure of your answer and eager to vote, the poll is at the bottom of the post. 



A borough that lingers on the outskirts of London, but that doesn't mean it is undeserving of a place in this poll. The name was derived from the village of Bexley, which lies within its parameters. This largely suburban borough has a population of almost 250,000 and hosts Lesnes Abbey Woods and Hall Place. It also boasts a fairly regal coat of arms, which may be the reason they get your vote...



The largest and arguably the most rural South London Borough, Bromley is about 30% farmland. However, the north of the borough is mainly urban and is where most of the 326,000 strong population is concentrated.  Not forgetting this is the borough where you can find Crystal Palace Park and the home of Charles Darwin. 



Croydon often gets a bad rep, so this is your chance to turn that around and declare Croydon as the London Borough to end all London Boroughs. After all, it is the largest London Borough by population, with 380,000 of you living within its boundaries. What's more, there is evidence to suggest this area has been inhabited since pre-historic times. It once hosted the famous Croydon Airport, the hit comedy, Peep Show, the BRIT school and it even has trams. What's not to like?


GreenwichMaster logo RED.JPG

There's always one that tries to be fancy isn't there? We're just kidding, because the Royal Borough Of Greenwich has a lot to offer. It became a royal borough in 2012 to mark the Diamond Jubilee, due to its ties with the Royal Family. With the Greenwich Observatory, Greenwich Park and The O2 Arena, you can't say Greenwich hasn't got some great landmarks. But is that enough to grab your votes? Only time will tell... 



Another regal borough, Kingston Upon Thames may be an oft forgotten addition to the collection of South London Boroughs, but it is actually the oldest Royal Borough out of the existing four in England. With a thriving shopping scene and Chessington World Of Adventures, Kingston is here to prove to you it deserves the top spot. 

Richmond Upon Thames


Now the jury was out as to whether to include Richmond Upon Thames, as it technically includes parts of West London. However, in case there were any die hard Richmond-ers, we thought best to put it on the list. Who knows, as the host of Richmond Park and Hampton Court, it may surprise us...



Onto one of the big players in the London Borough scene, Lambeth connects South London to the Inner London, including the areas of Clapham and Streatham. It has inspired songs as well as boasting the Southbank, a tourist favourite, and the Brixton Murals. Lambeth has made some undeniably big plays for victory. But is that going to be enough? 



The Borough famous for the blue bins...okay, maybe some other things as well. In Lewisham Borough you can find Catford, Deptford as well as the name-sake area of the Borough. Also. if you caught our article on the Horniman Museum, this is where to find it. Fun fact: the motto of the borough is "Salus Populi Suprema Lex", which means (roughly translated) "The welfare of the people [is] the highest law." Its logo displays a crown, but will it win this one?



The host of the infamous Wimbledon tennis tournament, Merton could be seen as something of an underdog in this competition. In Merton you can find Mitcham and Colliers Wood, where a lot of on-location filming was carried out for TV show The Bill. Geographically, Merton is nestled cosily amongst the other South London Boroughs. But their relationship might not be so amicable once the votes are in...



Another distinctive South London Borough, Southwark is home to London Bridge, Borough Market and The Shard. With districts such as Peckham, Bermondsey and Nunhead, there is no denying Southwark has some great cards to play. But will its reputation be enough to cinch the top spot?



With great schools, some of the lowest crime rates in London and a reputation for general safety, Sutton is the 'favourite grandmother' of the London Boroughs. Some fantastic theatres and a borough that is conscious of all things eco, Sutton's many positive attributes may just mean its pushes its way to the top. 



WIth a huge population of over 300,000, we have a feeling this one may be popular. Some notable districts in the Borough of Wandsworth are Battersea, Putney and Balham. Yes, including Battersea Power Station, if that helps swing your vote. Wandsworth is a good all-rounder Borough and could well push its way to the number one position. And we hope you've made up your minds, because it is time to vote for your favourite South London Borough!




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