11 Best Butchers In South London

For a foodstuff that makes up a very large part of the diet of a large proportion of the the great people of South London, we don't seem to take much care in the quality of the meat we eat. We're happy to go to the supermarket and buy the pre-packaged meat on the shelves because it's more convenient, and we're not going to damn you for doing it, a lot of the time you've just come home from work and haven't got any food in your fridge. However, we would certainly encourage you to make an effort in purchasing meat of a higher quality as the taste and flavour will certainly make it worthwhile. Butchery is an ancient trade and though almost all large supermarkets will have a butcher in their premises, independent butchers are a great way of supporting the local economy. If you're not sure of where to look for your new local independent butcher, we're here to help you with our list of the 11 best butchers in South London.

Bell & Sons Butchers, Bermondsey

With 20 years of experience, Bell & Sons are a modern butchers who provide both high quality meat and high quality service. Sourcing all their meat from within the UK, they ensure all their meat is of the highest quality by putting the maximum care and attention to every cut they serve and every sausage they make. Whether you're looking for something relatively straightforward, or you're looking for something a bit different like ox hearts, they're sure to be able to serve your carnivorous needs, while your South London Club Card will serve your discount needs by getting you 10% off (excludes Christmas: 19th – 31st Dec).

F. C. Meats, Lee

There is debate, heated and violent debate, amongst the residents of Lee as to whether it is 'FC Meats', or 'F and C Meats' - maybe one day a concord will be reached between these two warring factions. One can only hope really. We can assure you that there is not a single local man, woman, or child that doesn't have an opinion on the matter, but what is telling is they all care, and they care because it is one of the finest butchers in the entire borough of Lewisham. F.C. Meats is made even finer by the fact that you get 10% off when you spend over £20 with your South London Club Card.

The Proud Sow Butchers, Crofton Park

Having operated since 1908, The Proud Sow is one of the oldest butchers in South East London and are current being guided by their 4th steward Oli Khaldi, who took over from Peter James not too long ago. Specialising in meat of the highest quality, the residents of Crofton Park are rightly proud of The Proud Sow, and we're proud at South London Club to be able to tell you that your South London Club Card gets you 5% off.

Fat Ox, West Norwood

Fat Ox is an independent butcher in West Norwood that aims to show the deserving denizens of West Norwood why Brazilians are so revered for their meat. Selling traditional Brazilian cuts, if you're yet to find out why the Brazlians are so ruddy good at meat, and West Norwood is just down the road, then we'd seriously recommend you get down to Fat Ox and indulge in the 5% off your South London Club Card gets you.

Wellbeloved Butchers, Deptford

Some might think that calling yourselves 'Wellbeloved' a bit presumptive, but really, why ignore the fact that you are pretty well-loved? After all they've been serving the fine community of Deptford since 1829 - that's nearly 200 years for crying out loud. They serve really, really, really good meat, and if you fancy something a little different, they also serve really, really, really good pies. You know what else is really, really, really good? The 10% off when you spend £30 that you get with your South London Club Card.

W Bunting Butchers, Peckham

W Bunting is a family-run butchers in Peckham that has been trading from the same premises since 1903, though the current family running it have been in control for only 30 years. No time at all really. Serving fine cuts of meat to all the fine people of Peckham, if you're one of those fine people that call the fine area of Peckham home, then we'd certainly recommend you pay a visit to W Bunting.

Philips Butchers, Brixton

Situated inside the Brixton Markets, which we did a history of a little while back, Philips Butchers is spelt with one 'l' not two, just the one, so get it right. Serving some fine cuts of meats at very reasonable prices, Philips Butchers is one of our favourite butchers in the borough of Lambeth, and we'd recommend you give it a visit. Heck, you might just want to browse some meat, if that's something you're into.

Jones, The Butcher, Herne Hill

Though 'Jones, The Butcher' sounds like the name of a heavy from a Guy Ritchie movie, it's actually quite a literal name for a butchers on the Lambeth side of Herne Hill. Established in 1962, three generations of the Jones family have worked on the premises over the years. If you're looking to learn a little bit more about meat they put on some great masterclasses which you might want to take part in.

William Rose Butchers, East Dulwich

See what's going on in the image above? Yeah, that's people queuing down the street to get their meat for Christmas. Not many butchers can say that they're so well-rated that customers will wait in the cold to get a hold of some of their produce, in fact, not many establishments of any kind can say that customers will do that for them - William Rose in East Dulwich can though. Surely, that's a sign that they've got to be doing something right.

Hennessy's, Battersea

Hennessy's of Battersea has been around for some time now, 75 years in fact, and they're so well-established in the hearts and minds of the residents of Battersea that they don't really do the internet. If you want to get hold of some of their meat, the best thing for you to do is to visit their shop in Battersea and see for yourself how well run they are. Offering a free delivery service, they're a truly fantastic place to get your meat. 

G.G. Sparkes Traditional Butchers, Blackheath

Though they're not situated in the traditional part of Blackheath, aka the Village, GG Sparkes is a traditional butchers that is certainly situated in Blackheath. If you're in need of meat, and live on the Greenwich side of Blackheath, then G.G. Sparkes is certainly a butchers that we would recommend you visit.

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