14 Best Beer Shops in South London

Beer shops are actually quite an old thing, though it might not feel that way. Having gone through something of a lull, plenty of beer shops have been opening up all over London in recent years off the back of the surging craft beer scene. As we all know, and we as showed in our A-Z, South London is home to the best craft breweries in all of London - and the presence of these breweries has led to the opening of some fantastic beer shops. Beer shop operate in a very similar manner to wine sellers, and they are wonderful places to just browse - you know, just stand around looking at stuff you might buy. If you haven't got into the craze that is figuratively sweeping South London, we think it's about time that you did, so to help you get going here is our list of the 14 best beer shops in South London.

Waterintobeer, Brockley

The story goes that the first miracle performed by a certain geezer with a name beginning with J was to turn water into wine at a wedding - absolutely killer miracle. Now, some say that a later miracle he performed was to turn a mate's pint of water into beer. We can't confirm that he actually did this, but considering he turned water into wine it would hardly be wrong to suggest that he was a bit of a lad, so there's every chance he did it. Anyway, boasting over 200 different bottles and cans to either drink in or takeaway, while selling brewing kits and ingredients to brewers of all aptitudes, Waterintobeer is one of the finest shops in all of Brockley. It's only made finer by the 10% off that you get with your South London Club Card.

Clapton Craft, Forest Hill

With five locations all over London, Clapton Craft in Forest Hill isn't the only Clapton Craft shop, and goes some way to explaining why a shop named after an area of East London is in Forest Hill. However, located just seconds away from Forest Hill, and the only location south of the river makes this Clapton Craft easily the most convenient for those with a South London Club Card. That South London Club Card, which we're assuming you have, gets you 10% off beer and wine, 5% off spirits.

London Beer Lab, Brixton

2012 was a great year for London, we hosted the Olympics (though, let's be honest, we're not sure how great that's been in the long-term) and the London Beer Lab in Brixton opened. Not only is the London Beer Lab a fantastic little brewery, it's also got one of the widest selection of beers this side of the Thames. Their selection is great, as are the beer-making workshops they host. Almost as great as the 10% off takeaway beer and brewing supplies your South London Club Card gets you.

Park Fever, Hither Green

Okay, we're going to be brutally honest with you guys, we're pretty sure that you guys will like at least one of the things that Park Fever in Hither Green specialises in - chocolate and craft beer. Now, we know, this list is about beer shops, and therefore you wouldn't be wrong to expect us to talk about beer primarily, but we were so taken by Park Fever's idea that we thought we would make sure you knew about it too. We thought we'd also let you know about the 10% off your South London Club Card gets you at Park Fever.

The Beer Shop, Nunhead

Some have said that the chaps over in Nunhead calling themselves 'The' Beer Shop are being bold, too bold for some people's taste. Those people have no idea what they're talking about, they really don't. The Beer Shop in Nunhead, as far as we're concerned, is The Beer Shop, and it's the go-to Beer Shop in Nunhead. The residents of SE15 are lucky to have The Beer Shop, and they continue to show it with their plentiful support. How about you become a supporter, and get 10% off all draught lines (cask & keg) with your South London Club Card.

Art & Craft SW16, Streatham

The first specialist beer shop in Streatham, Art & Craft is a beer shop owned and operated by the The Inkspot Brewery. Offering over 500 London and international craft beers from numerous independent breweries, Art & Craft also display a wonderful mix of urban and contemporary art for you to enjoy while you browse their wonderful selection of craft beers.

Hop Burns & Black, East Dulwich

Okay, we thought we should explain to you why Hop Burns & Black is called what it is. Well, the 'Hop' is a reference to the beer they sell (the reason they're on this list), the 'Burns' refers to the really rather wide variety of hot sauces they sell, and the 'Black' is the vinyl that they sell. Really, what else do you need in life? Booze, hot sauce and music sounds like a pretty good setup to us.

We Brought Beer, Balham/Clapham Junction/Tooting

'We brought beer' is a statement that rarely, if ever, goes down badly. We can only think of a few quite particular instances where it might be received badly - a temperance meeting, a child's birthday party etc. If you want to be able to say this, and are going to a party or BYOB event near Balham, Clapham Junction (really Battersea) or Tooting, then we'd recommend you go to one of the three We Brought Beer shops in South London where they have a really great selection of craft beers.

Ghost Whale, Brixton

We're a big fan of Ghost Whale's name, and we'd also be interested to know its relevancy. Is the building haunted by the ghost of a whale? If so, how did the whale get inside the building? We need answers. It might have something to do with the fact the shop is on Atlantic Road, and there are whales in the Atlantic Ocean. Anyway, Ghost Whale in Brixton markets itself as an independent beer and culture shop with a fantastically curated selection of beer. Get down there.

Crafty Beer, Forest Hill

Have you ever had a crafty beer? Surely you must have at least had a crafty one. Okay, a swift one. Anyway, if you have or haven't we'd still recommend you visit Crafty Beer in Forest Hill, which is an independent shop in the truest sense of the word. They don't double up really, they just sell beer.

The Beer Boutique, Putney/Wandsworth

Born in 2010 out of a love of Belgian beer, The Beer Boutique offers a boutique beer experience. Having opened their first shop in Putney, The Beer Boutique have done such a good job of selling beer that they now have three shops, but one of those is outside London, in Tunbrige Wells which is in Kent, and we don't deal with Kent, it's just not our deal okay? You can't make us. Anyhow, The Beer Boutique are one of the finest purveyors of beer in South West London.

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