7 Best Meals In Balham

For those reading this who don't know, Balham is an area of Wandsworth Borough near the border with Lambeth Borough. Like near neighbour Streatham, Balham (both hams) has been getting better and better in recent years, and the improving gastronomic scene reflects that. We know it's difficult to make a decision on the fly when walking down a street as to where you might want to eat, so we thought that those of you who live in or near Balham might appreciate a rundown of places you might enjoy visiting. We're all about spreading the word about great places to enjoy a meal in South London and encouraging you to invest in independent businesses, so we thought it was about time we gave our list of the 7 best meals in Balham.

The Exhibit

Simply put, The Exhibit is one of the finest independent bar and restaurants in all of Balham. The Exhibit markets itself as an all-day drinking & eating hub that hosts a wide variety of events thoughout the year, and offers very flexible event spaces for hire. Conveniently located in the centre of Balham, it's quickly become the go-to hang out spot in Balham, which may be in part down to the 25% off you bill Monday-Thursday that your South London Club Card gets you.

H Street Deli

Generally speaking, delicatessens are slippery beasts, there seems to be little that they can't sell. However, H Street Deli - named because it's on Hildreth Street - isn't just a delicatessen, no, it's also a cafe, and it's quite clear that cafes need to sell prepared food and drink. What separates a cafe from a pub is now unclear since the onslaught of pubs selling hot drinks but we'll let H Street Deli off because they're great, and also because you get 15% off with your South London Club Card.

HOB (Heart of Balham)

The name Heart of Balham, known as HOB to locals, is suitable as HOB is on Balham High Road, so can quite logically say it is in the Heart of Balham. Do not fear the Heart of Balham, we have been there and we know it is a wondrous place, a place where dreams come true. All you need to do is go there, examine the menu, speak to one of their ultra-friendly staff, and there you have it - dreams come true. Those who dream of great discounts are particularly in luck because your South London Club Card gets you 15% off food anytime.

Escape The Daily Grind

Escape the Daily Grind is an independent cafe in Balham which is not only perfect for coffee lovers, but also for those just looking to (oh man, here it comes) escape the daily grind. For the majority of us the daily grind comes during the week, not the weekend, so it makes complete sense that your South London Club Card gets you 10% off purchases over £7.50 Monday-Friday. We want to help you escape the daily grind, and we're ruddy sure that the food at Escape the Daily Grind will help you do that.


We're gonna be totally honest with you guys because we like you, but only because we like you, Lamberts is not a new recommendation in the Balham area. They've been serving brilliant seasonal British food very successfully  in their relaxing and welcoming restaurant for 14 years now. Located very near the tube station, it's a perfect spot for a romantic meal.

The Honest Italian

We all love Italian food. Oh you don't? Sorry, really sorry, our mistake. Anyway, The Honest Italian is Balham's finest pizzeria-cum-bar, and serves up the best wood-fired pizza in this particular area of Wandsworth. You should believe us when we say this because we're being honest about The Honest Italian, they're an honest bunch, and we honestly think you should give them a go.


Curveball is an independent restaurant in Balham formed by food lovers who bonded over there love of the humble meatball. Their meatballs are inspired by their travels and they source their ingredients from as nearby as possible, like all good independent businesses do. If you enjoy meatballs then, unsurprisingly, this is the place to go.

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