13 Best Places For A Haircut In Lewisham Borough

Let it be known that haircuts are very important. Though their importance varies from person to person, there is little question that haircuts are always to some degree important. They're a key way in which we as individuals define ourselves and play an incredibly important role in how we are visually received by others. Really, a haircut should be what you like, what you want - not what every one else has, but it's difficult to argue against the power of wanting to look like your peers. For some people, the role of a haircut is quite complex - it's there to help you stand out, but not massively. It's a rather peculiar but essential balance. Anyway, having a hairdresser or barber that you trust and know is, by proxy, vitally important. You are a beautiful portrait that needs touching up now and then, and if you're happy with how it looked previously, you're not going to have some other artist damage your portrait are you? No, so if you're in need of a new artist in Lewisham Borough to trust your hair (portrait) with, then we've got you covered with our list of the 13 best places for a haircut in Lewisham Borough. We've split it up into unisex, female, and male to make sure you don't go somewhere that can't help you.


Rastamama, Catford

Located on George Lane in sunny Catford, Rastamama is a unisex salon with over 13 years experience of specialising in dreadlocks, and only uses natural hair products. Rastamama is the first-stop shop for dreadlocks in the entirety of Lewisham Borough, and South London Club Card holders get 20% off services.

Geddes, Forest Hill & Ladywell

Geddes is a pair of independent, family-owned hair and beauty salons which have been cutting and shaping hair since 2008, with experience from long before. Having opened Geddes Ladywell in 2008, they established themselves so successfully that they were able to open a second salon Geddes Forest Hill in 2014. They continue to showcase what is best about the service you get at independently-owned businesses, and South London Club Card holders get 10% off all services, plus 5% off Aveda products at Geddes Ladywell.

Hair Deco, Lee

Though it hasn't always been called Hair Deco, the business that is now Hair Deco has been trading at their location on the corner of Manor Lane for over 50 years. Having originally been run by Dennis, and then taken over by his son Ali, Hair Deco is a well-known, and well-trusted hair salon that has served generations of local familes. With outstanding customer service that you'd expect from a business that has been around as long they have, the 10% off all services and 5% off products you get with your South London Club Card is a brilliant deal.

First Glance, Crofton Park

Since opening in 1988, First Glance in Crofton Park has successfully established itself as a hair salon that has all the bases covered. They're unisex, they cut all kinds of hair types, and they sell fantastic hair products at a very reasonable price. At first glance, First Glance looks a great place to get a haircut, and at second glance it still looks great, particularly when you know that your South London Club Card gets you 10% off everything.

Barbaros, Honor Oak

The excellently-named Barbaros on Honor Oak Park is named after the even more excellently-named owner Rhame Barbaros. With over 29 years of experience providing probably the best hair care in the Honor Oak area, during which they've won numerous awards, Barbaros is a place that is sure to impress, almost as much as the 10% off your South London Club Card gets you there.

Charles M’Biro, Lewisham

There are two schools of thought in the borough of Lewisham - one that says Charles M'biro is the best name for a hair salon in Lewisham, and one that says Charles M'biro is the best name for a hair salon in all of South London. They both agree that the name is truly fantastic though, almost as good as the service that Charles himself provides, but certainly not as good as the discount of 10% off everything that your South London Club Card gets you.

House of Hair, Brockley

It should be made clear that House of Hair in Brockley is not actually a house made of hair - the insurance premium on such a structure, if you could get it, would be truly staggering. No, House of Hair in Brockley is the neighbourhood boutique hair salon offering all the services you want for both genders. What makes it even better is that your South London Club Card gets you 10% off adult hair cuts when pre-booked.


Dahlia Hair & Beauty, Forest Hill

Each and every person is a beautiful flower, but sometimes we don't feel like the beautiful flower that we really are, sometimes we just don't. That's fine, we all get a bit restless about how we look and when that happens, the best place to go, in our humble opinion, is Dahlia Hair & Beauty in Forest Hill, where they aim to make every woman feel like a flower in her own right - not just another petal. You also get 20% off all treatments with your South London Club Card, which is pretty fantastic.

Ahsiek’s Beauty, Deptford

In times gone by Deptford was not top of everyone's list for places to go when we needed to destress - when we needed a wee bit of TLC. That all changed back in 2013 when Ahsiek's Beauty opened its doors and started offering their excellent services to the fine people of Deptford and beyond. It's a truly excellent service that deserves a truly excellent discount - and the 15% off your South London Club Card gets you is just that.


Smart Chaps, Sydenham

Smart Chaps in Sydenham is not limited to use by smart chaps, however we can assure you that, if you are not a smart chap when you walk in, you certainly will be when you walk out. They've been at it since 2003, and they've only got better with age, so get down to Smart Chaps and get 10% off with your South London Club Card.

Chez’s Barbers, Catford

For a lot of men, getting a haircut is supposed to be a relatively straightforward experience, a quite literal experience if you will - an individual cuts their hair. Chez's Barbers is that sort of establishment, and while their services are not limited to what could be referred to as the 'standard' men's haircut, as they do things like hot towel shaves, the 10% off services your South London Club Card gets you is pretty standard.

Charisma, Sydenham

Run by Robert and his father, Charisma on Sydenham Road is a traditional gent's hair and grooming establishment which, wait for it - brace yourself, oozes charisma. Hair can be a vitally important part of someone's charisma, after all just look at Brad Pitt in World War Z - floppy and silly just like the scarf he wears. Totally different story in Inglorious Basterds - now that's a hair cut. Anyway, your South London Club card gets you 10% off so why wouldn't you?

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