7 Best Independent Clothes Shops in Brixton

Accidentally wearing the same clothes as someone else is terrifying. No, not just a similar outfits, we're talking about actually wearing the same garment as someone else, and then both of you recognising this. You don't actually have to be wearing the said clothes for this to happen - have you ever seen someone else wearing an item of clothing that you own? We have, and it's a chastening experience. There is a very simple reason as to why this happens, oh so simple, and it's that we're all buying our clothes from the same sodding shops! The best way to avoid this is to avoid the major big brands, avoid them like the plague, and instead head to local independent clothes shops. Not only do these shops stock a wide variety of great clothes, they tend to stock much smaller brands, and sometimes their in-house labels as well. Not only does this make it more likely that no one else is wearing the same threads as you, it also means you're contributing more directly to the local economy. Anyway, to get you started we thought we'd give a rundown of what we think are the 7 best independent clothes shops in Brixton.

Leona Vintage

Situated within the Brixton Village Market - which we did a history of not too long ago - Leona Vintage is, as one would suspect, a vintage clothing boutique. Suitably the shop is owned and run by local entrepreneur Leona (not Leona Lewis), and it stocks a large number of vintage design pieces sourced directly from Italy. If you aren't feeling like purchasing some vintage clothing, but instead want some plants, then Leona has that covered as well, as she also sells flowers imported from The Netherlands. The prices are very reasonable, and only get more reasonable with your South London Club Card, which gets you a whopping 20% off.

Make Do And Mend

The term 'Make Do and Mend' was the title of a pamphlet issued during the Second World War that sought to provide British families with advice on how to use clothing during periods of rationing. In keeping with this, Make Do And Mend (the shop in Brixton) is a vintage clothes shop and brand that uses existing clothing to create new pieces more in line with modern fashion trends, while also stocking a great selection of vintage clothing sourced from all over the world. We think it would be a good idea for you to also 'Make Do and Mend' and, to make that easier for you, we're offering you 10% off with your South London Club Card.

The Keep

The Keep is a shop in the Brixton Village Market that offers a personally-curated selection of ethical fashion brands and labels. Owner and manager Kate wants to change the way people see fashion - she wants to encourage sustainability, and sees fashion as a perfect avenue for it. There's a reason why the shop is called 'The Keep' - no, it's not because it's a fortified tower built within a castle - it's because she wants you to keep the clothing you buy, clothing that will last a lot longer than the shoddily-made garments bought from major brands. We think it's great, so great that we've partnered with Kate to offer you 10% off with your South London Club Card.


Omnis is the Latin for 'all', and is something of a mission statement for the Omnis shop in Brixton. Though we are listing Omnis as a clothes shop, that doesn't really do it justice, as they sells a lot more than just nifty clothing. Omnis has an electic mix of tasteful and fashionable homeware items to go along with it's equally tasteful clothing selection. Omnis covers a lot of bases, and we're sure that if you go there looking for a particular type of item, you'll probably come away with something you didn't know you wanted - something that your South London Club Card has got you 10% off.


Jekkah is a London-based ethical clothing brand that was born on the West coast of Africa in The Gambia. Founded in 2013, their name comes from the Wolof language, and translates as 'to be beautiful or elegant, to be well-dressed' - and they don't certainly don't do their name a disservice. Stocking their own West-African-inspired streetwear which is sourced, designed and manufactured by highly-skilled tailors in The Gambia, Jekkah is sure to provide you with clothes that make you stand out.

Hunky Dory Vintage

Established almost a decade ago in 2008 by Ian Bodenham and Ian Johns, Hunky Dory Vintage is a vintage clothing shop in Brixton that comes off the back of 20 years experience in the vintage clothing market. One of the big names in the Brixton vintage fashion scene, Hunky Dory Vintage is a sure-fire bet if you want to find some fantastic unique clothing at very reasonable prices - clothing that is sure to get you peers asking 'where did you get this from?' You can tell them that you got 10% off with your South London Club Card, but you don't have to, we won't hold you to it.

Bella West

For anyone interested in vintage clothing, or people who want designer clothing that doesn't eat up an entire years worth of wages, then Bella West is definitely the place for you. Easily one of the best spots to pick up some vintage gems, Bella West could quickly become the place where you pick up all your clothes if you're not careful. If you are a person liable to let this happen, then we probably shouldn't tell you that your South London Club Card gets you 10% off - eeps.

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