13 Best Bike Shops In South London

Bicycling as a method of transport for getting round London has grown and grown - something which is only positive. While some cyclists are not as responsible as they should be, it's likely that those individuals would be just as careless behind the wheel of a car, so we should be thankful that they are only in control of a bike. South London Club are firmly behind this clean method of transport which also provides a convenient opportunity to exercise. We understand it can be aggravating as a driver if a cyclist skips a red light, but just bear in mind that if you are involved in a collision - they'll be coming off a lot worse, so maybe be a little more forgiving when in control of a machine that was directly involved in the death of 1,732 people in 2015, and in incidents which caused serious injuries to 22,137 individuals. Anyway, less about that, and more about how useful bike shops are, and how the gradual growth in the number of independent bike shops across South London reflects how many people are now using their bike to get around. We know that a good bike shop is something that many people rely on for repairs and whatnot, so we think it's a good idea to give you our list of the the 13 best bike shops in South London.

Pedal It, Lee

Based on Lee High Road on the way up from Lee to Lewisham, Pedal It is wihout question one of Lewisham's most well-renowned and trusted bike shops. With a location that makes it pretty convenient for anyone living in Lee, Blackheath, Lewisham (Central) and Hither Green, it serves quite a wide community in South London. They've got a huge range of bikes on sale, and provide a 24 hour workshop for repairs, which is particularly handy as your South London Club Card gets you 15% off.

Machine Cycling Cafe, Bermondsey

The friendly staff at Machine Cycling Cafe have been serving the fine people of Bermondsey since 2011, when they opened as Velodro. They've changed things up quite a lot in that brief time, the service they provide, and the products they stock are still as fantastic as ever, but since 2014, they've also been doubling up as a cafe too. So even if you aren't in need of repairs, or looking for some bike accessories, we'd recommend popping into pick up some lovely cake.

Brake Bikes, Blackheath (Raffles)/Woolwich (Harry Perry Cycles)/ Lee (Pedal It)

Brake Bikes is not actually a physical shop itself, they are a brand and make of bikes designed by Blackheath-based designer Rachel Thomas. A fusion of Californian style and British design, not only are Brake Bikes practical, they're attractive as well. Rather than just cycling to work, how about you start cycling to work. Fewer than 100 bikes are made for each collection, and you can get 15% off on one with your South London Club Card when you order off their website. You can also collect their bikes from the Blackheath designer fashion outlet Raffles, Harry Perry Cycles in Woolwich, and the aforementioned Pedal It in Lee.

Balfe’s Bikes, east Dulwich/Kennington/Streatham

Having started out in East Dulwich almost a decade ago back in 2008, Balfe's Bikes has grown to the extent that they now have three shops open across Southwark and Lambeth. Employing only the best engineers to provide repairs, Balfe's Bikes has built up a well-deserved reputation for providing service of the highest quality, whatever your cycling needs. Whatever it is, be it repairs, or purchasing a new bike, Balfe's Bikes have got you covered, and your South London Club Card gets you 10% off in all their shops.

Greenwich Cycle Workshop, Greenwich

Greenwich Cycle Workshop is family-run, independent bike shop that specialises in repairing and servicing bikes - hence the workshop bit of their name. Providing an impressively wide array of repair services, they are certainly one of the most efficient and professional establishments on this list. With over 40 years of experience, the 10% off you get with your South London Club Card is a particularly good deal.

Vaidas Bicycles, Honor Oak

Vaidas Bicycles in Honor Oak isn't just any old bike shop. Yeah they do have a worskhop where they will do repairs for you, yeah you can rent bikes off them and yeah they'll build bikes for you. But they do so much more - they host fitness classes during the week, and they also provide cycling tours to some of the most beautiful parts of Europe. Not just any old bike shop, and the 10% off your South London Club Card gets you isn't just any old discount.

Edwardes Cycles, Camberwell

Some have called Edwardes Cycles Camberwell's finest family-run independent bike shop, and those people are most certainly correct, at least in our humble opinion. As you can see from the image, Edwardes Cycles make the most of the room that they have in their shop, and if you're looking for a bike, then this is probably a good place to start looking. Sadly they haven't yet moved into ergonomics, but we're sure they'd nail that as well. When you visit, don't forget to bring your South London Club Card as it get you 10% off.

Compton Cycles, Catford

The 'Est. 1975' on their logo says it all really. Compton Cycles were at the bicycle repair game before it was even cool. That's not to say they've not grown and changed over the years. They're one of the premier Brompton bike specialists (the little foldy commuter bikes) in all of London, and that was patented in 1979. They do other bikes other than the Brompton, and they do ruddy good job generally, which makes that 10% off everything you get with your South London Club Card particularly worthwhile.

Curve, Deptford

Though not specifically a bike shop, Curve in Deptford does sell bikes - BMX bikes. It's good to show the variety that there is on offer in South London, so we thought we'd include it on our list. Modelling themselves as South East London's rider and skater shop, Curve sell all the things you'd need to fix your BMX or skateboard, and relevant clothing as well. It's a pretty cool shop, where you get a pretty cool (yikes) discount of 10% off everything with your South London Club Card.

Brixton Cycles, Brixton

The support that Brixton Cycles received back in 2015 when it was faced with closure is testament to how well-loved it is. It needed to raise £40,000, and in just 35 days it crowdfunded £62,095. That's support, proper support. You know why it's got that support? 'Cos it's a good thing. Starting in 1983, Brixton Cycles was opened as a co-op and has remained as one ever since. With cycling in London having only grown in popularity since, they're future looks pretty secure we would say. They offer repair services, sell bikes and run a cycle club - what else do you need? 

Stratton Cycles, Wandsworth

Do you live in or near Wandsworth and need someone to repair your bike? Stratton Cycles is the place for you! With a proud history dating back to the 1920s, Stratton Cycles is another establishment on this list that has stood the test of time, seen interest in bikes diminish, and then seen it explode again. Bring your South London Club Card when you visit as it gets you 10% (excluding major brands). While you're there you might just meet one of owner Mark's lovely pooches.

Blue Door BiCycles, Crystal Palace

All we need to tell you is that Blue Door Bicycles in Crystal Palace does, in fact, have a blue door. With a strong reputation in the area, largely thanks to the fact that there has been a bike shop on these premises since the 1920s, we reckon they might be able to get rid of the blue door, and still be trusted by the denizens of Crystal Palace. Heck, they were there before it was even called Crystal Palace, and was just a part of Sydenham. They offer all kinds of bike-related services and your South London Club Card gets you 10% off (excludes repairs & sale items).

A. W. Cycles, Merton

We've talked about some pretty ancient establishments on this list, some places that have called their area home for so long, that the name of the area has changed while they've been there. That's a long time, we'll admit it, but A.W Cycles is over 100 years old, and has been selling bikes, bike accessories and providing repair services throughout that time. You can bask in the majestic history of this wonderful independent while getting 5% off bikes, accessories and repairs with your South London Club Card.

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