17 Best Delicatessens In South London

Delicatessens, or delis as they are known amongst the bright and the beautiful of this world, originated in Germany, as the rather foreign-sounding name would suggest. For an outsider, and an insider for that matter, what a delicatessen is exactly is hard to say. They seem to sell all manner of rustic foods and expensive produce, such as cured meats and pastries, however there doesn't seem to be anything edible that delicatessens can't sell, so really, almost anyone can call themselves a delicatessen. That said, delicatessens certainly serve a number of purposes - if you are need of funky cheeses and such goods, you will want to attend your local delicatessen. We care about supporting independent business, and delicatessens are on the frontline against the major brands like Tesco in attempting to provide customers with a wide variety of high quality produce. To help you find the deli that's right for you, we've compiled this list of the 17 best delicatessens in South London.

H Street Deli, Balham

h street deli.jpg

This independent cafe and deli, which is going to be a recurring theme in this list, is a firm favourite among the locals of Balham. Focusing on Mediterranean cuisine, H Street Deli uses only the finest ingredients, and also sell all the produce that they use in their food. So get down there, get a hold of some absolutely divine produce, and get 15% off with your South London Club Card.

Art Deli, Camberwell

Now, if you, like us, have been searching high and low for a cafe, deli, restaurant and art space, then you'll be absolutely delighted to hear about the Art Deli in Camberwell. A key factor in the the success is that it is owned and operated by a French duo Lea and Anne-Marie and, as we all know, the French are quite handy when it comes to both food and art. If you're feeling like taking a trip to the Art Deli, don't forget to bring your South London Club Card, which gets you 10% off.

Malaysian Deli, Crofton Park

malaysian deli.jpeg

A laudable establishment that provides Crofton Park with both a deli and Malaysian food, Malaysian Deli sell a wide variety of produce, and know that produce very, very well. With both extensive vegetarian options, and almost any meat you could want, Malaysian Deli will certainly have you covered if you're looking to cook some Malaysian-inspired food at home. South London Club have also got you covered, as you get 10% off everything with your South London Club Card.

Taormina, West Norwood


An authentic Italian cafe and delicatessen, Taormina is a little pocket of Italy, named after a town in Sicily, situated right in the heart of glorious West Norwood. Providing both excellent coffee, and a lively Italian atmosphere, Taormina is certainly one of the best places in West Norwood to stock up on Italian produce, for which you get 10% off with your South London Club Card.

The Brockley Deli, Brockley

brockley deli.jpg

Unsurprisingly, The Brockley Deli is based in Brockley. However, some of you living in and around the Blackheath area may have been surprised to see signage for 'The Brockley Deli' by the Blackheath Conservatoire - don't worry, Brockley is not annexing Blackheath, not yet. No, this is merely the second location that Brockley Deli have opened after the great success they have enjoyed at theirr original location in Brockley. We would certainly recommend getting down there and basking in their success while getting 10% off with your South London Club Card.

Good Food, Catford

good food.jpg

Simply, the main aim of Good Food is to serve good food to the discerning residents of Catford. Made possible by a crowdfunding campaign, this health food deli and community food hub not only wants to provide locals with good food, but they want to do it at good prices. With the lofty ambition of establishing a network of similar shops across South London, we would certainly suggest heading down, particularly because you get 10% off when you spend over £5 (excluding alcohol).

Beamish & McGlue, West Norwood

beamish mcglue.jpg

The charming cafe and delicatessen that puts the 'woo' in West Norwood, Beamish & McGlue is one of the more eclectic delicatessens on this list. Not just offering premium ingredients for customers to purchase, they also sell ethical cleaning detergents (a staple of the delicatessen scene in Paris we understand). If you live in West Norwood, or nearby, and haven't used Beamish & McGlue yet, you really should, and while you're at it, get 10% off on purchases over £10.

La Gastronomia, Dulwich


Having served the locals of Dulwich since 1989, La Gastronomia is an Italian delicatessen that has got better and better, to the extent that it has three different locations dotted around the Dulwich area. Nothing much more needs to be said about the place than that it sells great Italian produce and is a vendor trusted throughout Dulwich - and they don't tolerate fools in Dulwich.

The Larder, Ladywell

Though not everyone has one in their house anymore, particularly since the development of home refrigerators back in the 1930s, we're pretty sure everyone reading this knows what a larder is. No? Okay, well, it's essentially a room or large space used for the storage of food. Remember this because we're talking about the Larder of Ladywell. 'It has refrigerators though, and there is food outside!' you exclaim, fine, it does, but it's just a name okay, and the fine people of The Larder do a fine job of providing rustic foods for the people of Ladywell - so fine actually that we've partnered with them to offer you 5% off everything, and 10% off on Wednesdays with your South London Club Card.

Baron, West Norwood

baron norwood.JPG

It might come as a surprise to some of you to know that West Norwood is home to so many good delicatessens, but now you know, so you should remember. The third entry on this list based in West Norwood, Baron fills the gap that, really, was just waiting to be filled - Polish & Brazilian delicatessen. Though an obscure fusion, it certainly works, as Baron takes the best from both countries and brings them together beautifully, which you can enjoy even more when you get 10% off purchases over £10 with your South London Club Card.

Gennaro Delicatessen, Lewisham

We think, and many others do too, that Genarro Delicatessen is the big daddy of the thriving, yet very dangerous, delicatessen scene of South East London. Not only is Genarro Delicatessen one of the top Italian delicatessens in South London, we're gonna go out on a limb and say it's one of the best delicatessens in South London full stop. It's so good, that we went out of our way to get you 10% off there when you spend over £10 with your South London Club Card.

The Nightingale, Streatham

nightingale streatham.png

The Nightingale is an honest, simple cafe and deli that does an absolutely roaring trade in Streatham. Some have said that John Keats wrote his poem Ode to a Nightingale about The Nightingale in Streatham, and they are completely wrong. Totally, and factually incorrect - it's Ode to A Nightingale not Ode to THE Nightingale. But you know what is a fact? That you get 10% off purchases over £10 with your South London Club Card.

Klos Deli, Lewisham

Involved in what could be described as something of a menage trois, Klos Deli sits between an Italian Deli and a Turkish restaurant, and boy does it get steamy. Obviously things don't really, that would be ridiculous, these are three establishments that all just happen to sit next each other. Klos Deli is actually a Polish delicatessen, and if you've ever been to Poland, or are from Poland, it will certainly remind you of the place, in particular, the kindness. They've extended that kindness through us to offer you a free pastry when you spend over £10 as part of the South London Club Card.

Aga's Little Deli, Forest Hill

Situated on the Dartmouth Road, Aga's Little Deli stocks produce from all over Europe, with English and French cheeses, Italian oils and wine, and German meats to name a few. Forest Hill has come a long way over the years, and the fact that it now has a delicatessen really says it all - Forest Hill has made it, and really you should get over there and bask in how much it has made it. To encourage you to do so, we've partnered with Aga's Little Deli to give you 10% off on purchases over £10.

The Village Deli, Blackheath

village deli large.jpeg

Conveniently positioned next to Blackheath station, so you've got absolutely no excuse to not go there, The Village Deli has most certainly won the right to call itself that, having served the residents of Blackheath village, and beyond, for over 30 years. With an extensive selection of produce for purchase, and a diverse menu that one would only find in an independent establishment, there are plenty of reasons as to why you should be going to The Village Deli. Okay, we'll give you one more, with your South London Club Card you get 10% off when you spend over £15.

Saigon Foods, Catford

Now Saigon Foods is primarily a restaurant - let's just be honest with that one. However, as we stated before in the introduction, the definition as to what a delicatessen actually is, is rather broad. Plenty of places on this list serve food, and Saigon Foods is no different, similarly, Saigon Foods also sells produce, and therefore we would argue it can be classified as a delicatessen - a delicatessen where your South London Club Card gets you 5% off purchases over £15.

Fish Tale, Streatham

fish tale.jpg

A slightly different establishment to the others on this list, Fish Tale is an independent fish monger and delicatessen in Streatham. Serving only fresh, sustainably caught fish, along with vegetables, fruit and other delights, Fish Tale is a fish monger we'd certainly recommend. Plus, if you're looking to purchase a big fish, then your South London Club Card gets you 5% off purchases over £30.

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