11 Great Italian Restaurants in South London

Italian food is pretty well-travelled. Go anywhere in Europe or North America, and you'll probably be able to find an Italian restaurant. Italian food is undoubtedly popular - it's so popular that a particular Italian food is the central premise to a worldwide fast-food chains. If you hadn't guessed, that particular food is pizza. When you think of Italian food you probably split it between pizza and pasta - some of you might even think of just pizza. Italian food is so popular that it's hard to think of a time before it in the UK, a time that we shall call 'BP'. If you can't, we'd encourage you to ask your parents, or anyone you know who was alive, or at least aware, during the 60s about it. Having a favourite Italian restaurant is an essential we would say, and South London has plenty of fantastic Italian restaurants waiting for you to discover them, so to help you out, we've compiled a list of 11 great Italian restaurants in South London.

London Meatballs & Co - Peckham

One of the newest addition to the Peckham gastronomic scene, though the picture featured is of a pizza, London Meatballs & Co, as you might expect, specialise in meatballs, and opened in April 2017. They don't just do meatballs though, as the image would suggest, they do plenty of other fantastic Italian foodstuffs, including pizza, and it is all pretty divine. What's also divine, is that you get 15% off with your South London Club Card.

Pizzeria Volare - West Norwood

Unlike London Meatballs & Co., Pizzeria Volare specilises in pizza, but like London Meatball & Co., other Italian foodstuffs are available. A welcome addition to Norwood High Street, Pizzeria Volare serves up some of the finest dough-based products in all of West Norwood. We would have included an image of them serving meatballs, for a nice symmetry with London Meatballs & Co., but sadly we couldn't find an image. We can't do everything it seems, but what we can do is offer 15% off with your South London Club Card.

Franzina Trattoria - Brixton

Situated inside Pop Brixton, Franzina Trattoria is run by brothers Pietro & Stefania, who wanted to replicate the traditional tavernas back in Sicily. If you're looking for place to try the Italian food that exists beyond pizza and pasta, Franzina Trattoria is certainly a fantastic option. It is only made more fantastic by the fact that you get 10% off with your South London Club Card.

Festa Sul Prato - Deptford

An independent cafe and restaurant in Deptford, Festa Sul Prato is a wonderful dining experience situated within the Folkestone Gardens park, and housed within what used to be a derelict toilet. Serving up food of the highest quality, made with locally-sourced ingredients, Festa Sul Prato is one of the finest uses of a former toilet that we know of. When you do go, remember to bring your South London Club Card, as it gets you 10% off.

Antico - Bermondsey

Having opened back in 2012, Antico has quickly become one of the premier Italian restaurants in the entire borough of Southwark. With a simple menu, the focus is on delivering dishes that fully showcase the flavours of the ingredients involved. Antico is a sure-fire bet if you're looking to enjoy some wonderful Italian food.

Bella Roma - Lewisham

Bella Roma is a stylish restaurant, snack and wine bar, and has brought some pretty fine Italian food to central Lewisham. With a focus on getting all the classics bang on, Bella Roma is a place which you can rely on to deliver on both price and quality. You can also rely on it for an enjoyable drink, but if you bear in mind that you get 10% off food with your South London Club Card, you'd be silly not to have some food.

La Pernella - Earlsfield

Back in 1994, two Neapolitans called Mariano and Elena opened a restaurant/pizzeria in Earlsfield with the aim of bringing some authentic Southern Italian cooking to the streets of Wandsworth. This family-run restaurant has become one of the most reputable and respected establishments in all of Earlsfield, and we're absolutely delighted to be able to say that with your South London Club Card you get 10% off anytime.

Luciano's Ristorante - Lee

Now operating three different outlets in the Lee and Hither Green area, Luciano's has grown pretty rapidly since it was opened. Serving a wide variety of different Italian foods, Luciano's is well-loved by the locals, and has been a major player in improving the general perception of Lee as an area. If are you going to give it a go, mention your South London Club Card, as it gets you 10% off your bill anytime.

Alla Salute - Deptford

Having only opened in 2016, Alla Salute is a charming Italian restaurant that doesn't go halfway on food or drink. Alla Salute is the Italian equivalent of 'Cheers', so prepare yourself for a hearty, raucous evening if you do intend to visit this lovely restaurant in Deptford. Importantly, you should remember your South London Club Card, because it gets you 10% off.

Piazza Della Cucina - Forest Hill

Up on the hill, the one they call Forest Hill, you can find a mystical place they call Piazza Della Cucina. Legend has it that at this place they call Piazza Della Cucina, you can eat a food they call 'pizza'. What this mythical 'pizza' is, or how it was made was lost eons ago, but scientists and experts all agree on one thing - that you could get 10% off with your South London Club Card.

La Pizzeria Italiana - Catford

Some might argue that Catford is not the place you'd expect to be able to find some top-notch pizza. Those people who be completely wrong, and if you find yourself in the mdst of these fools, as they cackle and guffaw over the pizza options in Catford, enlighten them. Open their feeble little minds and tell them about La Pizzeria Italiana, where you can get 10% off at lunchtime (Mon-Fri) with your South London Club Card.

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