Mums + Dads: 7 Places To Use Your South London Club Card At In Lewisham Borough

Having a South London Club Card is one thing, knowing how to get the best out of it is another, but don't worry parents, we're not going to leave you high and dry once you've bought your card, we've got you covered. We know that finding things to do with your children can be tough, and we understand that you work hard to ensure you still lead fulfilled lives while your children are in their infancy and beyond. We want to help you with these things, so we've compiled and curated this list of 7 places to use your South London Club Card at in Lewisham Borough.

fitness for mummies, Brockley + Ladywell

Fitness for Mummies is an outdoor fitness & exercise class that takes places mainly in Lewisham. Offering a variety of classes, 1-1 personal training for all stages of motherhood, and specialising in postnatal fitness, Fitness For Mummies gives mothers the best chance of getting active and exercising after giving birth. Their postnatal classes are specifically designed for those who want to exercise and socialise with their babies, and are held in public parks across South East London. Your South London Club Card allows you to get the first class free so you can find out if these classes are right for you, without any pressure.

little green geek, Hither Green

Little Green Geek is an ethical online parenting-accessories shop based in Hither Green. Their philosophy is that we don't leave the planet to our children but rather that we merely borrow it from them, and it follows that we have a responsibility in maintaining and protecting our beautiful planet so that our children can enjoy it as we once did. They stock high quality children's clothes from ethical, sustainable & organic sources, which should last long enough for them to be either passed down, or sold on. With your South London Club Card you get 15% off online shop orders, so get stuck in!

Forries Education, Hither Green


Are you concerned that your children are spending too much time inside, glued to devices and screens? We definitely were as children, so we recognise the importance of making the outdoors as attractive as possible. If you're having that sort of trouble then Forries Education could be for you. Based in Hither Green, Forries Education is a a Children's outdoor play & learning 'forest school' that is committed to encouraging the younger generation to interact with the great outdoors. Being part of the South London Club means you get 5% off everything, so it's a great deal overall.

fox & Firkin, Ladywell


The Fox & Firkin is not only one of the finest independent pubs in all of South London, it also has one of the finest child-friendly beer gardens in all of South London. Whether it's mums or dads, having a drink (obviously not too many of adult drinks) is a perfect way of spending part of the day if you've got the day off work to look after your infant. Rather than just having a drink, Fox & Firkin also serves some great food, and if you do go there during the week, remember to bring your South London Club Card and get 20% off food (except Saturdays).

Lewisham Toy LIbrary, Lewisham

Lewisham Toy Library is an independent toy shop & lender situated within Lewisham Shopping Centre. Lewisham Toy Library understands that buying toys for your children can be quite the drain on your bank balance, as they use and grow tired of them as they get older. Their solution to this is give parents access to over 2,000 of the best toys and games, from old classics to the latest releases, which you can simply borrow from them for an agreed time, and then return it the shop after use (like you would in a normal library). Having a South London Club Card means you get 20% off membership, making the value of borrowing the toys go even further.

Curzon Goldsmiths, New Cross

Going to the cinema is one of the more standard activities you can do with your children, and luckily, that activity has got way more convenient in Lewisham Borough since Curzon Cinemas partnered with Goldsmiths to open Curzon Goldmsmiths. A child ticket costs £4.50 which is pretty fine, but for your adult ticket, this is where your South London Club Card comes in as it gets you an adult ticket for £6.00, rather than the standard £8.50 (excluding Monday & Wednesday).

baca Furniture, Catford

baca furniture.jpg

Now the inclusion of a furniture shop on this list might seem curious, but we recognise that Lewisham Borough is a popular place for young couples who are looking to begin a family, or have already begun young families. If you are one the lucky souls able to purchase a house, or even renting, procuring good quality furniture can be essential. Unbelievably, you can get that good quality furniture without having to go Ikea, and instead support an independent local business like the Catford-based Baca Furniture, where you get 15% off with your South London Club Card.

what is the south london club card?

The South London Club is a local discount card to help support small independent businesses across South London whilst saving all who live, work & play in South London money! With over 500+ local discounts to choose from, you will discover & explore all the best hidden gems in South London. Join over 5,000 of us & celebrate all that's independent & South London.

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