5 Best Cafés in Clapham

With the onslaught of pubs now serving hot drinks, and an increasing number of cafés serving alcoholic beverages, the lines between what constitutes a pub and what constitutes a café have become blurred. The stipulation as to what the establishment serves is important – café does derive directly from the French for coffee after all. The best we can do to describe a café is to say that you know you’re in a café when you’re in one. There is a certain vibe, somewhat French, and a relaxed attitude that pubs don’t quite have. The setting for a café is also different, with tables expected to be out front so one can enjoy a coffee while watching the world go by, or chat to a friend who might come by. Clapham is a natural place for cafés and Clapham Common is a perfect place for people watching, and therefore a perfect place for a cafés. With that in in mind we only thought it right to compile a list of our 5 favourite cafés in Clapham.

Bump & Grind


Having started as a pop-up three years ago, Bump & Grind has worked hard to develop a reputation for serving high-quality coffee in a friendly and approachable manner. Residing inside 64th & Social, Bump & Grind aims to serve the good, deserving people of Clapham great coffee and great food. Oh, and they have a second location as well during the weekend in Venn St. Records, where you can browse the old and new while enjoying one of their fine coffees.



As one might expect, Tart is a café in Clapham that specialises in tarts. Not pies, not quiches, not Danishes, not eclairs, no, tarts. Now, tarts are not necessarily sweet. One might be familiar with jam tarts, and assume that tarts are sweet, but they don’t have to be. Tart serve both sweet and savoury tarts - their chorizo tart has gained quite the reputation - and all this is served with some fantastic coffee by their equally fantastic baristas.

uk coffee stop


Located in amongst the books and tomes of Clapham Library is the UK Coffee Stop. Serving delicious coffees, teas and pastries, they provide the perfect accompaniment to any long study session in the library. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to be using the library to enjoy their coffees, and from Tuesday-Saturday you are welcome to come in and sample their freshly-baked croissants for breakfast, a salad for lunch, or just grab a coffee. We’re also very sure that croissant will taste all the better if you bring your South London Club Card and get 10% off.

black lab coffee house


With an excellent range of coffees and sandwiches, the Black Lab Coffee House has established itself as something of a go-to for the very discerning coffee lovers of Clapham. Though the food is great, the Black Lab does one thing particularly well – coffee. This focus shows in the quality of their coffee, and the popularity of the café. With a relatively small shop space, this place is full for most of the day and has a really great chilled atmosphere. Highly recommended.



Cafés are, as the name might suggest, inherently French establishments, and Madeleine certainly focuses on that French element. With an authentic French décor and feel about the place, Madeleine provides a wonderful context to enjoy an array of French pastries, bread and snacks, all baked in-house. We would certainly recommend getting down there, purchasing some of their beautiful macaroons and one of their well-crafted coffees, then soaking in the great atmosphere of this little pocket of France in Clapham.

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