9 Cocktail Bars in South London You Have to Try!

The art of making cocktails takes passion, fresh ingredients, and an extensive knowledge of flavours. There’s a professionalism to it that takes bartending to a whole new level, a level beyond pouring a pint. When done well, cocktails are a defining feature of a night - sometimes you want to go out for a pint, sometimes you want to go out for cocktails - maybe both. Say it to yourself: ‘we’re going for cocktails’. It’s grand and flash. Being an inherently grand and flash place, South London is spoilt for choice on establishments which serve tasty mixed drinks. Being South London Club (a very good potential name for a cocktail bar ©) we feel it is our duty to ensure that you are informed of the best South London establishments for grabbing the fanciest drink of all - a cocktail.

64th & Social, Clapham

By dinner, a sophisticated, charming restaurant with a licence to grill. By supper, which we believe classically comes after dinner, a South London cocktail bar with a licence to kill. By night, a club with a licence to stay open till 1am Monday-Thursday, and a naughty 3am Friday-Saturday (the licence to grill does not extend to Saturdays and they have to keep The Grill closed). Couple this with a very generous happy hour that extends from 6-10 (241 cocktails) and, really, this is a very, very reliable bet for a ruddy good time. Oh, and you get 10% off with your South London Club card.


What to Drink: The Scotch Mist promises to make your Happy Hour rather memorable - or forgettable!

Chivas 12, Benedictine, Lagavulin, fresh lemon juice, agave & muddled ginger.


First Aid Box, Herne HIll

Nestled in Herne Hill, or as it’s correctly pronounced "‘Ernill", First Aid Box truly is a great addition to the South London cocktail bar scene. Unusual however in that the menu is inspired by a healthy and nutritious lifestyle, with Jing tea and fresh juices available throughout the day - they had to satisfy the name First Aid Box somehow. By night however, the focus truly turns to a healthy lifestyle as their crafty cocktails, complimented by a wonderful selection of food, creates a very unique atmosphere. For added intrigue, step back in time over the weekend and explore "Blinder", inspired by the BBC drama Peaky Blinders (you know, the one with the blokes from Birmingham with curious haircuts, and there’s that sweaty one constantly screaming ‘Tommy!’). This sees the back of the bar transported back to the 1920s, except without the Spanish influenza. Pull up a chair, imagine the Great Depression is about to hit, and enjoy a quite different cocktail experience. Tweak that imagination slightly again and imagine that plastics have also entered common use 20 years early by getting 10% off with your South London Club card when you spend over £11. You’ll be celebrating science.

Crop JUNGLEFVR002-800x533.jpg

What to Drink: Prescribe yourself a Jungle Fever, it will certainly please all rum drinkers.

Bacardi Ocho Annos, Wray & Nephew, coconut water, coconut cream, ginger droplets, fresh chilli, lemongrass & palm sugar.


Bermondsey Arts Club, Bermondsey


Once a public lavatory, now an incredibly edgy cocktail bar (one can only hope that the entire surface area of the establishment has been deep cleaned). Smack bang in the middle of one of the most upcoming areas of South London, nay all of London, the Bermondsey Arts Club is arguably the most novel South London cocktail bar. Don’t let its novelty put you off however, regardless of its context, the Bermondsey Arts Club has a very strong menu which delivers a knockout experience. A chic, and very cool bar which provides a perfect spot for a romantic date.

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What to Drink: The Eldersour is so beautiful you might feel bad drinking it.

Gin, St Germain, dry orange Curacao, lemon, egg white & orange cream bitters.


The Southsider, Battersea


We’re a proud bunch at South London Club, why wouldn’t we be? We get to talk about South London all day, every day. Therefore, it’s only natural that we’ve warmed to The Southsider, Battersea’s premier independent cocktail bar. The Southsider looks across the river to Kensington and Chelsea, and sees them over there, with their fancy cars and their big statues of Prince Albert, and thinks ‘really?’ With its small size (capacity 90) promising a cosy experience, The Southsider has crafted a brilliant cocktail menu, which is expertly delivered by their experienced team. As they say on their website - ‘Who needs to trek into Central London to find a great cocktail bar when there’s now one right on your doorstep?’ BTW, when leaving that aforementioned doorstep, don’t forget to bring along your South London Club Card, which entitles you to 10% off on drinks!


What to Drink: You can't really go wrong with a Martini, and at Southsider they'll make it whatever way you like.

Tanqueray Ten, hopped grapefruit bitters, Martini Rosato & a twist of pink grapefruit.


The Shrub and shutter, brixton

This dynamic and energetic venue in Brixton brings a poetic gastronomical experience, with creativity and attention to detail across its entire menu. The award-winning South London restaurant and cocktail bar has shaped the status of high-end drinking in the area with its vividly imagined menu. The venue follows the success of Salts of the Earth, a dedicated cocktail partnership committed to infusing the drinking-out scene with their passion and delicious cocktails. Also offering live events, this is a great place to enjoy a creative cocktail in a great social setting. If you’re a generous kind of person and want to get the round in, your South London Club card will get you 10% off when you spend over £10 - buy ten of the same round and you’ll have got a completely free round! Happy days!


What to Drink: The Stranger Things does its namesake real justice.

Colonel Fox gin, Chambord, red pepper, plum bitters, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary, fresh lemon juice, sugar, tonic & glow.


Cocktail Embassy, Crystal Palace

For those of you looking to resolve an issue over how long you can spend drinking your cocktails, or whether you are even allowed to drink cocktails inside the UK, the Cocktail Embassy in Crystal Palace just might have the answers. With two floors staffed with experts capable of providing you with solutions of one kind or another, and a decor that one would naturally expect from an embassy, the Cocktail Embassy truly is a fantastic experience. Be careful though, you might just find yourself downstairs in the ‘Party Area’ where the drinks keep flowing long into the night. While you’re there, you might also want to use your South London Club card, which gets you 10% off!

What to Drink: For vodka lovers their signature creation the "Italian 13" is the best bet for you.

Vodka, blackcurrant, Aperol, Cynar, Prosecco & an in-house dehydrated orange wheel.


Lost & Found, Balham


Chill out guys, Lost and Found has got you covered. You know that feeling you get when you go to the lost and found at, say, a train station, and they somehow have the item you thought you’d lost forever? That intense relief of snatching a minor victory from the jaws of defeat, the return to content normality that was initially jarred by the said loss - Lost and Found cocktails will give you that, without you having to actually lose anything. Their menu is extensive, so it’s unlikely that they won’t have what you want, but if there is something particular you’d like off the menu, their fine mixologists will do their utmost to make it for you. With a chilled out vibe that makes Lionel Richie look awkward, Lost and Found truly is the jewel in the crown of Balham’s nightlife. What’s more, with your South London Club card you can get 20% off Sunday-Thursday, outside happy hour.

What to Drink: If you fancy sharing a bevvy with some friends, the "Alice" is certainly a drink that will tickle your fancy. You could have it on your own if you wish, if you think you're hard enough.

Vodka, blackcurrant liqueur, rose water, citrus & topped with sparkling wine.


Bar Luciano, Lee

This stunningly intimate cocktail bar resides next door to the very popular Italian restaurant just outside of Lewisham. A great place to begin or end your evening, the restaurant and bar is dedicated to Italian authenticity and serves an amazing selection of cocktails, appetisers and sharing platters for you to enjoy. The cheery bartenders certainly don’t scrimp on the alcohol either, and you get bang for your buck as these heady concoctions will either perfectly set up, or finish off, your evening. While you’re at it, you might as well save yourself a bit of dough by using your South London Club card to get 10% off.


What to Drink: For a classic pick-me-up, opt for an Espresso Martini, beautifully crafted and decorated with coffee beans.

If you get hungry whilst enjoying your cocktails, we strongly suggest you order the "Antipasto Luciano", a delicious sharing platter of speciality cured meats, soft mozzarella cheese and vegetables.


Greater than Gatsby, bromley

“I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties they’re isn’t any privacy.” So says Jordan Baker of Jay Gatsby’s mythically huge parties - and a Friday evening at Greater Than Gatsby. Proving that you don’t need to head central to have a damn fine time, all you have to do is hop on a Southeastern train and head further south, Greater than Gatsby has lofty ambitions and has gone someway to cementing it’s place as the go-to place for a cocktail in the BR postcode. With a selection of classic cocktails masterfully crafted by their team of bartenders, Greater Than Gatsby truly is greater than Gatsby. After all, it’s a book, you can’t drink a book. You can try. Don’t though. At South London Club we do not recommend you either destroy or drink your books. We do recommend, however, that you use your South London Club card to get 15% off on Wednesday-Thursday, and 10% off Friday-Saturday.

What to Drink: Give yourself a taste of South America by sampling their perfectly mixed Pisco Sour.

Pisco, fresh lime juice, syrup, Angostura Bitters & egg whites.


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